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Ragdoll Cat – The Most Beautiful and Laziest Breed

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ragdoll cat characteristics

Humanity believes that cats are the laziest pets (compared to dogs, of course). We decided not to argue and present you a breed of cats that really deserves the title of the laziest among the entire family of cats – it is the ragdoll cat breed. Let’s get to know each other and get to know the whole ragdoll cat info.

Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

Although many call these cats’ sloths, we want to note that each of us should learn to relax as well as ragdoll cats.

“Ragdolls” – this is the nickname the cats get for their stolidity and relaxation. You will be able to understand this when you take your pet in your arms at least once. Its muscles and every part of the body is as relaxed as possible. The cat almost blurs in your hands and you feel no tension even in the limbs, which should always be tense.

Ragdoll Cat Size – How Big Do Ragdoll Cats Get?

An interesting feature is related to the physiological development of cats – they look and behave like kittens up to 4 years old.

This is a rather large breed of cats. They can grow up to a height of 42 cm. Ragdoll cat weight. They can weigh up to 10 kg (males) and females on average reach a bodyweight of 4-5 kg. Ragdolls seem large due to their long hair, which is incredibly soft to the touch (they have no undercoats).

What Does a Ragdoll Cat Look Like?

ragdoll cat traits

Some say that these cats are love at first sight. It is enough just to look into their sapphire eyes – it is no exaggeration, their eyes really look like a sapphire chest or frozen lake Baikal. They are so saturated and deep that even Siamese cats are inferior to the beauty of their blue eyes.

Ragdoll Cat Colors

There are people who can confuse a Siamese cat with a Ragdoll cat. The shade of their coat is really similar – beige shades with dark inclusions. But the Ragdoll cat has characteristic differences. It is enough to look at their face, their sapphire eyes as if dressed in a dark Zorro mask. Dark ears that are rounded at the tips and a dark, fluffy tail. The paws most often have the same color as the main body part.

The current form of this breed is the result of crossing the light domestic cat (Josephine) with a Burmese cat. According to the hostess, one day Josephine was in a car accident, after which all kittens were born so phlegmatic and “streamlined”.

Another feature – the hair on the head of Ragdoll is much shorter than on the rest of the body. It doesn’t roll over and doesn’t require special care. You should buy a special brush and comb their fur from time to time.

Ragdoll Cat Personality

how big do ragdoll cats get

The Ragdoll breed is known for its easy-going character and calm temperament. But this doesn’t mean that you can do anything with Ragdoll. Despite its name – a cat, not an insensitive toy that doesn’t feel anything.

According to the breed standard, if you take Ragdoll in your hands and turn his stomach upside down or often change its position, it will not resist. It is like wax from a candle, it will gently move from one position to another.

Ragdoll Cat Traits

The owners of these cats assure that they are ideal cats for living indoors (apartment or house). If you have children, Ragdoll is the cat that will never let out the claws and attack first. They are not aggressive or conflict cats. You need to try to piss them off – Ragdolls are very patient and obedient. Despite the fact that they are the real phlegmatic – they love to play and appreciate having you around. These cats can’t stand the loneliness and will follow you everywhere.

Ragdoll Cat Facts

how long do ragdoll cats live
  • Stolidity and relaxation of this breed have several disadvantages. You must make sure that Ragdoll doesn’t fall from a height and don’t provoke him to jump for long distances, as these are cats that don’t know how to properly group in flight and land on four legs.
  • You can be relaxed for your child who plays with Ragdoll, it can endure all the fun and strong hugs. They are patient and condescending to this kind of children’s entertainment. But you need to explain to the child to be careful with the pet – do not drop it sharply and avoid jumping from heights.
  • Ragdoll is a very gentle and smart cat! They are able to learn different tricks, the main thing is to have a tasty reward for obedience.
  • They are real scaredy-cats. Some cats have a protective mechanism – they strain, the coat becomes a punch, can hiss, and protect itself. But this is not about Ragdolls. They prefer to just run away and hide from the opponent/threats. Very clever, by the way!
  • Ragdoll kittens are born absolutely white and get their famous color only after 2 years of life. Their dark spots become brighter and more intense every year. Their whiskers are always white – this is the standard of the breed.
  • If you decide to fight and Ragdoll is in the same room where the conflict arose, don’t be surprised if your pet hides and doesn’t show up even after the fight subsides. They are very subtle in nature and take to heart such screams and loud notes of the conversation. Everything is so serious that Ragdoll can mope and lose its appetite. These cats are a good reason not to quarrel and not to find out the relationship.
  • Ragdoll cats are real gentlemen. They are ready to expect the lady’s location for a long time. They behave very politely and with restraint. At the time of puberty (after 3-4 years) they will not bother you with their loud screams.
  • They are very quiet cats that will not meow in all their voice just for fun. They have a quiet voice and they address you only in the most necessary/emergencies.
  • If you will accustom the kitten Ragdoll to water procedures and claw circumcisions from childhood, you will not have any problems in the care of the cat in the future.
  • The Ragdolls have a good memory and are very attentive. These smart cats easily remember their name and your commands.
  • Ragdoll cat lifespan. These pets are among the long-livers. They can live up to 19-20 years.
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