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What Is a Raw Food Diet for Cats: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks to the Pet

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Raw diet for cats has been a popular trend for the last few years. And some owners blindly follow it without doing their own research and advice from a veterinarian. Some of these “daredevils” are doing well with their cats, while others create terrible health problems for their pets. Therefore, we have prepared an article where we will tell you what it is, the pros and cons of this diet, and how it should be given to your pet so as not to harm its health. All the most useful information is below!

What Is a Raw Food Diet for Cats?

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The cat raw food diet is made from raw materials. Since these animals are carnivores, they have some unique nutritional needs. For example, satisfaction from a diet of animal tissue. And usually undercooked meat, fish, and organ meats are at the very top of this list of possible ingredients. Grated bones are used as a source of calcium and phosphorus. And if you add vitamin and mineral supplements, you can prevent nutritional deficiencies. Remember that cats need a lot of protein because it is from it that they get their energy. But don’t forget about other vitamins. As you can see, it is not enough to understand what BARF diet for cats represents. You can independently develop your pet’s daily diet, but be sure to consult with a veterinarian who can suggest the appropriateness of such a diet specifically in your case, and give advice on the menu.

Raw Food Diet for Cats: Pros and Cons

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Any of our decisions regarding nutrition, grooming, etc. cannot be 100% positive, there are both pros and cons everywhere. One of the main advantages for us is that the cat’s feces would smell better, but what about pets?

Raw Diet for Cats: Benefits

  • Their digestive system is designed to actively coexist with a meat-based diet. But at the same time, their stomachs are sensitive to food and a diet of one protein may even be a necessity.
  • If you have carefully analyzed the composition of commercial food, you probably noticed that it usually contains grain, and this product is difficult for cats to digest. Plus, eating a lot of carbohydrates can cause diabetes or crystals in the urine. And what is a minus here, automatically a plus for a protein diet, right?
  • A balanced raw food diet for cats is rich in fatty acids, which help the skin to be healthier and the coat to become shinier and softer. Over time, you may even notice a decrease in hair loss.
  • Dental care is an essential part of your routine. Chewing meat acts like a toothbrush on cats. Therefore, such a diet is the key to strong and clean teeth. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush your pet’s teeth at least once a week.
  • We already mentioned that protein is your pet’s energy source. Therefore, you should not be surprised if, instead of sleeping, he prefers to play a little more.

Feeding Cats a Raw Diet: Cons

  • For cats, bacteria can be one of the biggest problems. Of course, you can minimize this risk, but everything would not depend on you. Be sure to buy meat only where you are confident in the quality. And if you bought in reserve, then freeze what you would not use today.
  • This is a fairly expensive diet, and not all meats are likely to appeal to your cat. Of course, you can buy meat in bulk or at discounts. But the main thing here is not to keep up with meat for cheaper, but for high quality.
  • You don’t have to deal with raw meat yourself, because there are special additives for the best raw diet for cats, but the quality leaves much to be desired.
  • Each pet is different – someone switches to a new diet faster, and someone can create a challenge for you for half a year or even more.
  • It is extremely difficult to calculate the correct balance even for an experienced professional, so there is always a risk that your pet would not receive important vitamins.

Is a Raw Diet Ok for Cats?

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To be honest such foods also bring other risks to your pets. Any bones that are not completely crushed can cause intestinal obstruction or even rupture., and then only surgery may help. According to FDA, salmonella bacteria pose a threat not only to your pet but also to your entire family. CDC and AVMA have also spoken publicly about the risks posed by such a “healthy” raw diet for cats. Some precautions you can take to reduce the spread of bacteria include wearing gloves when handling raw foods and spotless the prepared surface.

How to Feed a Cat Raw Diet?

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No matter how much you read about it, you cannot guarantee that your menu would be 100% correct. Therefore, you should find an expert to help you formulate a complete and balanced diet that truly benefit your cat.

Most often used:

  • raw rabbit, poultry, or fish meat;
  • dietary supplements as advised by your veterinarian;
  • eggs;
  • bones.

If you can’t get the time to cook raw food, you can try one of the many commercial raw foods. They are usually frozen or freeze-dried to reduce pathogens. Keep in mind that safe handling precautions should still be followed prior to these diets to prevent cross-contamination. Seek help from your veterinary dietitian to find the best for your pet based on your pet’s needs. Also, make your own raw feeding guide for cats, especially if you don’t practice this diet earlier. This would help keep you out of anything important because you, like your pet, are also trying new things for yourself and trying to adjust. So can cats eat raw food? The answer to this question is highly controversial. Of course, we saw more benefits from such a diet than from dry food, but wouldn’t you get tired of such a regime in a month? Changing the diet often is blasphemy, because cats are not always happy about any changes. Therefore, we have fulfilled our mission – told you about the dangers and benefits of such a diet. And you, armed with the knowledge gained from our article and the advice of your veterinarian, must make a decision. Good luck to you!

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