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Read All About Cat Behavior | It Will Help To Understand the Needs of Your Cat

Apr.02.2021 391
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Do you like your cat’s behavior? Or do some pet habits seem strange to you? If you notice a weird cat behavior, it does not mean that something is wrong with your cat. Let’s find out the cat behavior meanings. After all, every action is performed with a purpose, isn’t it? Enjoy the reading about the most common examples!

Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

Many actions are dictated by instincts that are characteristic of cats, and especially your cat’s breed. Some of them are not surprising to you, while others are sometimes annoying. Sometimes cat actions are the first sign of problems and discomforts the pet is experiencing. We are sure that at least half of those that will be described below you have noticed in your cat.

Oh Plastic, Yummy

You monitor the nutrition of your cat, but it still loves to eat something that is not edible. It can be plastic, metal things, wool, and even your hair. What is the reason? Most often, such behavior is attributed to a lack of vitamins. See your veterinarian find out for sure.

Do You Want a Massage?

The cat’s attitude towards you can be shown in different ways. If your cat presses its front paws to you and massages in different directions, then do not rush to think that it is asking for something. This is the instinct of cats from an early age. Thus, they stimulated the production of milk from the mother. And if your cat kept this habit in adulthood, then it shows that the pet is happy or relieves stress.

Is It a Box? I Want To Sit There

We bought a bed so that the cat has its sleeping place, and he prefers a box for multicooker. Can you find hundreds of similar complaints on the internet? So why are cats so fond of small spaces in which it would seem they will not fit? Thus, the pet feels safe. A small space reduces the risk that someone can covet it. The cat can watch everyone from his cover. Don’t worry, your pet doesn’t feel in danger. It’s just one of the instincts.

Owner, Are You Sleeping? Let’s Play

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Cats are nocturnal animals, so it is not surprising that they often sleep during the day. If you live in an apartment and haven’t played with your pet during the day, why are you surprised that the cat runs at night as if someone is chasing him? The energy accumulated during the day needs to be released. Understanding cat behavior and its reasons will help to prevent such an active night.

Hey, What Are You Doing?

As soon as you sit down to read a book or watch a movie on your laptop, your cat is already running to see what you are doing. Does your cat lie down on the keyboard trying to get attention? Everything is not as simple as it might seem. Cats are owners and thus try to mark their territory. They think that by lying on your things, you will become closer.

Oops, Something Fell

Indeed, when a pet throws things off the table on purpose, this is strange cat behavior. However, trust us that in this way, they are not trying to anger you or take revenge for something. This is a clear sign that your pet is bored. Try to distract the cat with toys and he will stop behaving this way.

Thanks for the Water, Bro

As you may have noticed, the bowl is not the only place where the cat can drink water. Your cat may try to drink it from the tap or even from your cup. There may be several reasons for such behavior:

  • your cat is trying to imitate you, as it notices that you are drinking from a cup;
  • a bowl of water is close to the food. In the wild, the feline family will never drink water where they hunted. Your pet may have a strong connection with nature.
  • your cat is not comfortable drinking from the bowl. Try replacing it with a higher or lower one.

Look What I Brought You

The cat instincts dictate that hunting is their responsibility. We can imagine the shock and horror that you will experience if the cat brings you a mouse to bed. As strange as it may sound, but this is the highest degree of manifestation of love. The pet shares its prey with you and admits that you are a member of its pack. If you can’t wean your cat from such surprises, then there is a way out. Hang a small, lightweight bell on the collar. So future prey will hear the approach of the detective and run away during the time.

I Want To Rub on You

Your cat rubs its head on you. It’s so sweet, isn’t it? This behavior does not seem strange, you are even pleased with this manifestation of care and affection from the pet. However, is it always worth taking a situation like that? Cat behaviors are explained like showing ownership over you. Your cat likes you and makes it clear to other animals that you are not free.

I Will Catch This Tail

Of course, at any age, a cat should not be allowed to bite its tail. Over time, your cat will outgrow this habit, but in the meantime, try to distract it with toys and games. What does cat behavior mean? Being a born hunter, a pet, jumping on a moving prey, obeys the instinct of pursuing a potential victim. Despite the fact that cats are still naughty, we still love them and forgive all the pranks. Perhaps you have not learned all about cat behavior but we have explained the most common cases to you. What strange or unusual have you noticed about your pet? We will be glad if you share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you on the pages of our blog very soon. We will prepare something interesting!

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