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What Are Some Reasons Cats Become Clingy & How to Stom Them From Doing It

Nov.24.2021 31
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Are cats clingy? Cats have long been domestic and most of your friends probably have a cat. Despite this, they are very independent animals and need minimal help from you. However, this does not negate the fact that they can be too clingy. Reasons, why a cat is clingy, can be different and we will look at the most common ones. But most often this is due to some kind of behavior problem, and then you would need help to correct it. The sooner you find the cause, the sooner you can help your pet!

Signs that My Cat Is Clingy

signs cat clingy

If this is your new pet, then you need time to study its usual behavior and temperament. Therefore, it can be difficult for you to identify obsession. However, the general symptoms of this condition are:

  • Your pet pursues you everywhere and even in the toilet;
  • If you forbid to follow you, then the pet starts meowing loudly or scratching furniture;
  • Cat being clingy try to be near you all the time and wants to touch you;
  • The pet cannot eat or drink without your presence;
  • If you are using something, for example, a laptop, then the cat would definitely try to sit on it.

What Are Some Reasons Cats Become Clingy?

my cat is extra clingy


Your cat can become overly intrusive due to separation anxiety or other stress-related issues. More sensitive pets would definitely exhibit separation anxiety through sticking together. The easiest way to keep them from it is to take care of them when they are just kittens. Cats with this problem often feel unsafe or in the early stages. So, frequent contact with them would help prevent clingy cat behavior in the future.

Health Issues

My cat is extra clingy, is it some health issues? It is quite possible, in this way it can try to hide itself from injury or illness. You can also find other symptoms of the disease – weight loss, loss of appetite, lethargy, or cramps are common side effects associated with cat health problems. Pay attention to these symptoms and make sure the pet’s stickiness is caused by its health problems. How do you think what other diseases can appear in felines? Share in the comments.

Stress and New Acquaintance

Why are cats so clingy when you travel or move to a new place? Cats like to follow your daily routine. If you have a change that causes stress in their home, they may become fixated on getting back to their normal lives. If a new visitor comes into the house, there’s a storm in the street, or fireworks are triggered, your cat may start to cling to your protection because you are the leader of its pack. Pay attention to the cat’s behavior and it would be not difficult to determine this cause. If they rarely and accidentally get hooked, it is most likely due to the usual stressful phenomenon in your home. One more common reason is the appearance of a new family member (baby, cat, or dog). As we have already mentioned, felines don’t like to change their usual routine. Adding a new family member is a huge change that can make it stressed out and less valued. But if you are not sure about the real cause, you can contact your veterinarian for advice and explanation of clingy cat meaning in your specific situation.


Your cat may be bored and thus try to draw your attention to its “modest” person. It is one of the most common reasons why your cat is clingy. However, you can determine this only when you are sure that it is not one of the above reasons. In no case do not encourage such behavior, otherwise, the cat would understand that this is the norm and it would be impossible to wean him in the future. Try to figure out what is causing your pet’s boredom. You may be leaving it at home too often or not playing games with it. Try to surprise it with the time more often and then the usual behavior would return to normal.

How to Stop Cats from Being Clingy?

what are some reasons cats become clingy

To stop your pet’s obsession, you need to follow a fairly simple algorithm.

  • Determine the reason. To do this, you need to carefully analyze the situation in the house and the relationship of the cat with other family members.
  • The next step is required even if you are not sure that you have successfully completed stage 1. It is about consulting a veterinarian. They would be able to recognize signs where you cannot due to a less experience. And offer solutions to the problem.
  • In no case think that the obsession would go away by itself, on the contrary, it can lead to even more serious problems if you do not deal with it in time.

If you approach the problem responsibly, then you would succeed. Have you encountered such a problem with your pet? If so, you probably googled “cat has become clingy: what should I do”. Share in the comments what was the reason and how you dealt with it. Your experience can help our other readers or suggest new symptoms and solutions to the similar problem!

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