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Representatives of Asian Cat Breeds

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Asian cat breeds are very diverse both in appearance and character. They integrate representatives of cats from China, Japan, Vietnam, Persia, Thailand and Korea. As strange as it may sound, the Asian cat comes from Great Britain, where scientists of the time crossed the Burma and Persian chinchilla in 1980.

Thus, the world saw the new breeds of cats that conquered everyone with their unusual appearance, intelligence, and tender character traits.

It is difficult to name the common characteristics that describe all Asian cat breeds. Because they are all very different and don’t look alike.

Asian Tabby Cat

korean cat breeds

These beautiful Asian cats are the result of a cross between a Persian chinchilla and a Burmese cat in Britain.

Cats of this breed have a very unusual color, which varies from peach to rich black. The word “tabby” indicates that these cats have the appearance of wild ancestors.

The almond-shaped eyes, the look from under their foreheads, and natural “makeup” in the form of black eyeliner are the hallmarks of Asian tabbies. Cat breeders appreciate this breed of Asian cats for their correct and symmetrical features. Another characteristic difference is the presence of a stain in the forehead area.

These fluffy beauties have inherited the best features from Burmese cats. They are self-sufficient, well-bred, neat, and elegant. They don’t impose themselves on their masters and don’t get bored alone.

Some tabby owners note their intellectual abilities and ability to understand the requests and desires of their interlocutors. They will never cause a mess in the apartment and are not inclined to throw from one room to another.

Asian cats are very patient with children and friendly towards them. They can play and be great companions. It will not hurt and will not let out its claws during teasing and playing.

If you decide to become the owner of an Asian tabby, you should remember that these cats are real homebodies. They don’t need regular walks and prefer to be in a warm and private place where they will feel comfortable.

Oriental Cat Breeds

short haired oriental cats

These cats have a very unusual appearance. Many people don’t consider them attractive and clumsy animals.

These cats are originally from Thailand and have an appearance similar to the Asian Siamese cat. Large ears, wedge-shaped head, thin and graceful limbs, short and silky hair that is tightly nailed to the body – these are the main external signs of the oriental breed. Sometimes it may seem that their ears are larger than the head.

If an oriental cat has hips wider than the shoulder belt of the limbs, this is considered an unacceptable indicator for this breed.

Their impeccable character is the main advantage of these cats. After all, oriental cats are real competitors of dogs. Because there are legends about their loyalty and devotion.

These Asian cats can’t imagine their life without their beloved owner and they often suffer from separation. If you decide to transfer an adult oriental to another family (for certain reasons), it can be the cause of prolonged depression and health problems in the pet.

Short-haired oriental cats are ready for any travel and travel on one condition only – their beloved owner must be there for them. They love to be the center of attention and will support any adventure you have in mind.

In addition, Orientals are sociable and are able to make different sounds, meow, and purr in different tones.

This pet will follow you and warm with its love on the coldest evenings.

Oriental cats were considered sacred animals in their homeland, not in veins.

Japanese Cat Breeds

oriental cat breeds

Residents of the land of the rising sun are considered the hottest fans of cats. In Japan, there are many public places and attractions dedicated to this beautiful animal: Cat Temple, Cat Island, deities, sculptures and statues, museums, a bridge, souvenirs, and talismans.

It is hard to imagine a huge Japanese cat breeds list because Japanese bobtails are the only Asian breed of cats recognized by international felinologists’ organizations.

Japanese are very conservative in their beliefs, so you are unlikely to see many cats with long tails. In ancient times, the indigenous population of Japan believed that animals with tails are relatives of the devil. The same attitude towards Vietnamese cat breed. People believe that cats bring misfortune on their tails in the house. Therefore, we should not expect the appearance of tailed Japanese breeds of cats in the future.

The Japanese conservatism is reflected in the bobtail. These cats don’t have a variety of hair colors and all new breeds don’t differ much from the Japanese standard. There are bobtails that have colorful eyes – but this is the work of American breeders.

Perhaps you thought that the Japanese specially cut off the tails of newborn kittens and they live their whole life without a fluffy backbone. Japanese bobtails have a tail but it is more like a hare’s tail because it has the shape of a pompon.

Dragon Li Hua – The Most Famous and Unique of Chinese Cat Breeds

chinese white cat

Dragon cat is the most famous and revered cat breed in China. They have a calm character and tiger hair color – “brown tabby”.

Li Hua is a real phlegmatic – they are very gentle and friendly cats with excellent physical health. All of this is related to their genetics because this breed originated naturally without breeders’ intervention.

They have flat and wide breasts, rectangular body, straight nose and almond-shaped eyes (more often yellow). They look solid and powerful.

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