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Representatives of Small Cat Breeds

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Few people can resist the grace of little kittens. These angelic creatures can melt the heart of even the most indifferent person.

Sometimes we look at our adult kitten and remember the days when it was a small and playful lump of wool that could fit in the palm of our hand.

Perhaps, these memories which are dear to the heart caused the appearance of small cat breeds. After all, it is so great and cute that the cat remains small even when it grows up.

There are very popular pocket breeds of dogs in the world, which are popular and are well known even to ordinary passers-by. And what about cats that stay small forever? Do you know such representatives of cats? If not, we have prepared for you an interesting guide about the smallest cat breeds.

Miniature Cats That Approved and Unrecognized Breeds of Small Cats

There are scientists who monitor the health of pedigree cats and develop (claim) standards: weight, size, length of the body, color, hair type. These specialists are called felinologists. They make sure that no physiologically and mentally unhealthy breeds of cats are born, even if they have a nice and attractive appearance. This is suffering for the animal and not respect for the living being.

Therefore, mini cat breeds are divided into two groups, one of which is recognized by felinological organizations and those that don’t have the status of an official breed. We invite you to see the list of cute cat breeds that stay small which are confirmed and have the appropriate international certificates.

Today we will answer the main question – “What is the smallest breed of cat?” And we will tell you about the small cat breeds that are worth your attention. So, shall we go?

Top of Cats That Look Like Kittens

miniature cats


We will start with Munchkins. No, this is not the name of a board card game; this is the funniest representative of the smallest cat breed. These cats with cute and short legs are not the result of crossing genes of different breeds but a natural mutation. Their paws are 2-3 times smaller than those of other cats (front limbs are slightly shorter than hind). They have rounded paws which can sometimes be curved inward. This is hard to believe, but this feature of their physiology doesn’t prevent them from exploring the most secret places in the apartment and jumping on high cabinets.

The average weight of these cats doesn’t exceed 4 kg. They are very funny and playful adult kittens. Munchkin owners note that their cats are tender, loyal, and contact cats. They love to play with children; they are rarely angry and are not evil at all.

Singapura Cat – The Smallest Breed of Domestic Cat

smallest cat breeds

This is a very beautiful breed of cat with big eyes (green, yellow or nut shade) and silky hair. Their body weight is not more than 2 kg in females and 3 kg in males.

There is only one color in this breed of cat called “sepia agouti”. They must have ivory-colored wool which turns into a brown shade at the tip. The color of their muzzle has characteristic and expressive brown lines that distinguish them from other breeds of cats.

They are very friendly and cannot stand being alone. In addition, if you like to lie alone on the sofa, this mini cat breed is definitely not for you. Singapore cats are very loving and restless cats that can’t stand to be alone. Today, in their home country, there is a monument dedicated to this small breed of cat. And in addition, it is strictly forbidden to export native cats from Singapore.

What Is the Smallest Cat Breed From the Unrecognized Representatives of Cats?

small wild cat breeds

Minskin is a relatively young breed that appeared as a result of the interbreeding of Canadian sphynxes and Munchkins. These cats are called “corgi” among the cat relatives. Their name is a combination of two words – “miniature” and “skin”. If you see this cat alive, you will understand that these words best characterize these bald babies.

Despite their small height and weight (average height – 19 cm and weight from 1.8 kg to 2.7 kg) they are very mobile, gentle, and like to climb on high surfaces.

Besides, we want to tell you about small wild cat breeds. These are rusty and black-legged cats. You can see rusty cats (they are, by the way, relatives of the Bengali breed of cats) in Sri Lanka and India. Their maximum weight is one and a half kilograms. Unfortunately, they are on the verge of extinction.

Black-legged cats are aggressive inhabitants of southern Africa. These little predators are poorly studied: they lead a secluded life, live in burrows, and are not afraid of anyone. Their maximum weight is up to 2 kg.

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