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Russian Cat Breeds

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Today, Russians are among the top-10 list of nations that are very fond of cats.

But to great surprise, Russia can’t be attributed to those countries that were among the first to start breeding pedigree cats.

Russian Cat Breeds – How It Started?

russian cat breeds

According to historical information, cats began to appear on the territory of Russian lands back in the 11 century. Fluffy comrades were honorary members of the crew of each sea-going vessel. As they were destroying rodents, they had valuable/warm fur and, of course, purr that sounded like the sweetest melody even on the darkest day and supported sailors in their long voyages.

Thus, the first cats set foot on the land of Russia together with travelers and merchants. But even though cats appeared in Russia many centuries ago, the Russians began breeding new domestic breeds of Russian cats only in the late 20th century and early 21st century.

Today we can name 20 breeds of Russian cats that are known all over the world. The presence of more than 500 shades of the coat is another sign that Russian cats are famous globally.

Ordinary street cats and wild Russian cats (representatives of the cat family) are the first ancestors of today’s unique breeds. It is the genes of wild predators that have made their mark on the appearance and character of modern Russian cats – they are wilful and capricious.

Blue Russian Cat – The Most Popular Cat That Comes From Russia

russian siamese cat

There are two popular versions of the origin of this beautiful Russian blue cat breeds:

  • “Foreign blue” is the first name of the Russian blue cat. According to some sources, it was brought from abroad even during the reign of Empress Catherine II (these beautiful cats were honored at the royal court). Today all scientific researches devoted to this breed are conducted by English breeders. That’s why many people doubt its Russian origin.
  • Other sources provide information that the Russian blue cat was born in the Arkhangelsk region.

Amazing gray-blue hair color and lack of breeders’ participation in breeding this unearthly cat makes it unique and popular around the world.

Some More Features of the Russian Blue Cat’s Appearance

  • coat color/shade is always the same;
  • the hair is very thick and short, sometimes you may notice how it blinking in the lighting (this effect adds charm and uniqueness to these Russian beauties);
  • they have a graceful, flexible, muscular body and long legs.

The American Nibelung can be called cat breeds similar to Russian blue. However, they have longer fur (a wool structure is also different) and there are some other characteristic differences.

The owners of these pets note that they are very playful and active kittens. Adults are gentle, calm, neat, and clean pets but sometimes they can show their character and disobedience when the owner forbids them anything.

Siberian Cat – Long-Haired Cat From Russia

long haired cat from russia

We have previously written about this amazing breed of cat which can be called a real competitor to Maine Coon. These cats have considered one of the large Russian cat’s breeds as they can weigh up to 12 kg.

This breed is the result of crossing a simple domestic cat with Russian wild cat from the steppe and woods. They look very massive because of their massive, muscular body and long, dense coat, which protects their body even in the most severe frosts.

Pants, a thick collar, tassels on the ears, bundles of hair between the pads of the paws make this Russian longhaired cat even more beautiful and unique.

Siberian cats are very smart, wilful, and self-sufficient cats that can show their bright character (which they were awarded by wild forest ancestors).

Nevskaya Masquerade cat (a descendant of the Siberian cat) is another beautiful Russian cat that fascinates with its appearance. It got its name thanks to the unusual color of the hair on its face (if you look at this cat, you may think that he wore a carnival mask).

Unlike their Siberian ancestors, Nevsky cats are very gentle and sensitive pets, which have a more agreeable character.

Russian White Cat Breed

large russian cat breeds

Russian white cat is a real long-liver who can live up to 15 years! A female named “White Rose” was the first cat to give birth to a separate breed of “white Russian”. Australians were the first breeders to cross this white beauty with a Russian blue male (the latter is the best pair to breed a healthy offspring). Before that, white and deaf kittens were born, which is a common pathology among cats with white fur.

These snow-white pets have similar external data to a Russian grey cat. The main differences are:

  • eye color (white cats have blue but sometimes there are yellow or green shades);
  • expressed by mustache “pads”;
  • almond-shaped eyes;
  • more straightforward shape of the ears which are rounded at the tip.

They are very affectionate and devoted animals. They like to play with children and get attached to all family members (white Russian cats are indifferent to strangers/guests in the house). They are ideal companions for elderly and disabled people.

Black cats of Russian breed are not a distant relative of white and blue Russian cats. They do not differ much in appearance except for the color of their coat, of course.

They are cats that mesmerize with their thick and coal-black hair which has a beautiful tide in the sun.

The structure and size of the body are very similar to the Russian blue as well as the color of the eyes.

Black Russian cats are stress-resistant and self-sufficient pets. You do not have to worry that they will miss you very much when you work and disappear most of the day in the office. They can easily tolerate frequent moves to a new home and get along well with children. But if you are going to get a dog and hope that a black Russian cat will be friends and get along with a new companion, it is a bad idea.

About these cats, you can safely say “Black cat that walks on its own”.

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