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Siamese Cat

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When nature created the Siamese cat, it didn’t spare beautiful shades and boldly embodied its fantasies. These superb cats fascinate with their heavenly blue eyes and the color of their hair that resembles different shades of earth.

Where Are Siamese Cats From?

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These islanders’ cats were considered sacred animals that guarded the temples on the island of Siam (now it is called Thailand). According to the strict laws of that time, no one had the right to steal and take Siamese cats outside the homeland. Such a misdemeanor could lead to sad consequences (a person could be beheaded or executed). Siamese kittens were considered to be a great rarity and all who had these sacred cats were respected citizens.

But one day the world had to see these gifts of nature and it happened in 1880. The king of the island decided to present to England’s representative beautiful exotic Siamese kittens, who conquered the hearts of the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion with their eastern beauty. Queen Victoria was among those who appreciated the external data of Siamese cats.

Since then, everyone who saw a Siamese cat wanted to have such a representative of the exotic. After a while, Siamese became very popular, not only among the British. Today we learn all the information (secrets) about Siamese cat colors and Siamese cat personality. Why are these cats so popular all over the world?

The colors of Siamese cats are a calling card and the main feature of this breed.

Some people confuse Siamese cats with Oriental cat’s breed. And it is not strange, because both breeds really do have a lot in common. The wedge-shaped structure of the skull is the main common feature. And besides that, the graceful body structure and common traits (especially affection and love for the master).

Short wool is also a common feature but among these beauties are also long-haired Siamese cats. But the color of the coat is completely different.

Real Siamese cats have only one unique type of color – color point. When ears, face, legs, and tail are marked with a different color from the rest of the body.

There Are the Following Types of Siamese Cats

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  • Cinnamon Point (this color of spots has a shade of cinnamon or cappuccino which is decorated with milk chocolate and cinnamon);
  • Red-point (these Siamese cats are most similar to oriental cats) they have white (milky beige) wool with red/copper spots – very unusual and beautiful cats;
  • The blue point in Siamese cats is characterized by a gray and blue tint of spots that look stunning and alien;
  • Chocolate point Siamese cats (these cats are a bit similar to coffee congeners), but they have a touch of bitter/dark chocolate stains;
  • Another brown point is a pet that fully replicates the color of strong espresso with cream;
  • Tabby point (these are Siamese cats with wild coloring elements – they are stripes and stains like those of wild cats) – these elements look unusual.

There is an interesting nuance that makes inexperienced owners doubt. The fact is that Siamese breed kittens are born absolutely white and monochrome. Their characteristic color “points” begin to show fully on their hair only at the end of 7-8 months. The hair of a Siamese cat (the main wool that covers most of the body) can have different shades of white, beige, or brown (in most cases, these are light shades of these colors).

There Are Also Some Siamese Cat Facts That Concern the External Features of These Beauties

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  • Their large ears create the effect of a triangular face (wedge-shaped as in oriental cats);
  • Siamese cats are born with big and almond-shaped eyes (shades of blue of their eyes fascinate at first sight);
  • Many people believe that Siamese cats have the most harmonious skeleton: a graceful and flexible body, a long tail, elegant paws, and a perfect bite (chin) + a balanced combination of coat and eye color make these cats look like a true masterpiece of nature.
  • Siamese cats born in colder regions of the planet can have a darker color of points.

Siamese Cat Characteristics

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How Big Do Siamese Cats Get?

Don’t worry, these exotic and graceful cats are not heavy (average weight from 3-6 kg). They are quite active and playful cats that will support any family members’ game ideas. Therefore, they are not obese.

Siamese Cat Temperament

Behind the grace and grandeur of Siamese cats hides a gentle and loving soul that cannot stand alone. So, if you are a busy person and want to get a Siamese kitten, you should abandon this idea because your baby will organize protests (stripped wallpaper, scratched furniture) in response to your indifference and lack of attention.

In addition, Siamese cats are known for their communication skills. They have a very unusual voice (sometimes they can make rough and squeaky sounds) and have a comment on any of your requests. They will keep you company on lonely evenings and will be happy to share all your experiences.

It is worth noting that despite such playful Siamese cat behavior these pets are very smart and easy to train. They can even bring you their food as a sign of attention and share everything they have.

Be prepared for the fact that Siamese cats will accompany any of your activities around the house and look through the most secret doors of the remote cabinet. They are really very curious.

Siamese Cat Lifespan

Among these exotic cats, there was one long-lived resident who was 38 years old and this is documented in the Guinness Book of Records. But mostly, if a Siamese cat has no health problems and you take care of its care, maintenance, and nutrition, they can live up to 20 years.

Siamese cats don’t need special care. You will only need to wash them maximum 2 times a month (because they hate water procedures), cut their claws once in 2 weeks, and clean large ears that get dirty faster.

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