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Siberian Cat Facts

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If you asked what the most beautiful breed of cat is, we would certainly answer Siberian. These are very majestic, fluffy cats with beautiful hair and face features. They definitely deserve your attention and we will tell you why.

Siberian Cat Traits and an Original Story

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It is not difficult to guess that Siberian cats have such luxurious and long hair due to the climatic characteristics of the place of residence. This is a very popular cat breed in the Russian territory. Siberian cats are considered descendants of Bukhara and Taiga cats. The first cats appeared on the territory of Siberia thanks to Asian traders, who brought them from the east back in the 16th century.

Russian people were happy to buy and breed Siberian cats, which are excellent hunters and guards. Siberian cat is the main character of most Russian fairy tales.

But only at the end of the 20th century, Siberian beauties began to be registered at world exhibitions and invited to participate in international competitions. By the way, Siberian cats very often take prize-winning places and are the favorites of the public.

How Big Is a Siberian Cat?

These cats can be decent competitors of the Maine Coon. Because it is satisfied with a large cat’s breed. They have a muscular body, powerful neck and paws, and long tail. If you add thick and long fur to this outfit, as a result, it will have an impressive cat size.

The head of a Siberian cat is large with oval and impressive eyes, and small but wide ears. A distinctive and very nice feature is a kind of “tassel” at the tips of the ears. They add fabulous to the image of Siberian cats.

Siberian cat weight. As we have already said Siberian cats are quite massive animals. Therefore males can weigh up to 12 kg in maturity, but on average they weigh from 5 to 10 kg (females of this breed weigh less – from 3.5 to 6 kg).

Siberian cat height. Usually, cats can grow up to 40 cm in height and females up to 30 cm (height is indicated including the length of wool).

The hair and color of these cats deserve special attention. We can see a Siberian cat in all its glory in winter. When he grows a thick undercoat, “pants” and “collar” provide the cat with reliable protection from cold, frost, and overheating.

Siberian Cat and Allergies

siberian cats and allergies

Although they have such a thick coat Siberian cats belong to hypoallergenic breeds. P.S. But you remember that this is not about hair, right?

Besides the fact that their hair is long and thick, it can be of different shades. The most popular are silver (smoky), spotted and striped. Siberian cats can be either monochrome or with different patterns. They may also have a very interesting and wild shade, which is called tabby (when one hair alternates light and dark shade). This gradation can create an unusual general appearance of a cat.

The “Nevsky masquerade” cat is distinguished as a separate breed – they have a snow-white color with dark spots on the face and ears. The image is complemented by deep and beautiful blue eyes.

Siberian Cat Shedding

siberian cats shedding

Siberian cats molt, as well as all representatives of cats (with a wool cover). Siberian cats do not require special care during molting (autumn and spring). They are very hygienic and watch their own hair condition. You will only need to brush them 1-2 times a week (you can do it more often) to clean up dead hair and skin cells.

In addition, combing stimulates blood circulation, which helps stimulate the growth of new coats and regeneration of the skin.

It should also be noted that Siberian cats like water (they even know how to fish), but treat bathing negatively. So don’t forget to encourage your cat with different delicacies after bathing.

Siberian Cat and Personality

These pets are devoted friends and protectors. They can feel the mood of their owner, they are friendly and playful. Some owners say that their Siberian cats are very willful, a bad talker, and prone to frequent mood changes. So if it is in a bad mood, you better leave it alone.

They do not get along so easily with other animals, especially with dogs. Because Siberian cats have a sense of self-esteem and also feel like protectors and owners of the territory they live in.

Adopt Siberian Cat

siberian cats adoptation

These fluffy cats are not fussy to the living conditions. They feel perfectly well both in an apartment and in a country house. The spaciousness and freedom is a priority of course, but if you live in an apartment, then do not forget to walk your Siberian cat at least once in two weeks.

Siberian longhair cats are very active and love to hunt, so no mouse will dare to appear in your house.

In case you decide to get a Siberian cat we have prepared some funny cat names – Chester, Taiga, Mania, Yenisei, Tundra.

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