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Do Cats Actually Love Their Owners: List of the Signs That Can Prove It

Nov.15.2021 51
Do Cats Actually Love Their Owners

Our pets cannot tell us “I love you”, but they can show it in their feline ways. However, the owner is not always able to recognize these signals, and it is not a matter of attentiveness, but of ignorance of what this or that norm of behavior means. Therefore, we will tell you signs cat loves you so that you can correctly perceive what seems strange to you. After all, if a cat shows you care and love, and you scold it for this, then your connection will not become stronger, will it? So let’s take a look at this topic in detail!

Do Cats Actually Love Their Owners?

Some believe that because of the independence and stubbornness of cats, they are not able to love, and take the care of their owners for granted. Let’s think logically:

  • Indeed, some breeds like to show their independence and do not like excessive affection;
  • Not all people show their emotions in the same way, and it is the same with cats;
  • The animal world lives according to its own laws, and they are not established by us. We can only teach the pet acceptable behavior, but not indicate how to show emotions.

Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself that the question “can cats love you” is inappropriate, but it is worth asking “how they show their love.”

How Do Cats Express Love?

Signs Cat Loves You

Below are the most common signals that your furry friend is showing you love.

I Follow Your Trail

Whatever room you are in, your cat is always with you. You get up off the couch, or work in the office, your pet would try not to go far away from you. And sometimes, even getting too tangled under your feet, which can make you angry. But once you understand the reason for this behavior, your anger would immediately evaporate. Your cat is trying to show you its love and support. However, such a cat’s love language can cause a number of problems. For example, if you are not at home for a long time, the pet may develop depression, so you should think about joint walks in a backpack.

Touch My Belly

If you ask what is the most vulnerable place in cats, then any behavioral expert will say that it is the belly. Therefore, if your cat shows it to you and at the same time feels comfortable, then he gives you the highest degree of trust. And where there is trust, there can be love. Such cat love signs do not appear from the first days of your acquaintance, and it can take time, because the pet must make sure that you are trustworthy. However, sympathy can be shown earlier.

I Have Something for You

If your cat is not the owner, and is happy to share toys and even food with you from the first minutes of acquaintance, then he is most likely an exception to the rule. Cats, by their nature, do not like when they violate personal boundaries, so if you have several pets in your house, it is important that everyone has their own tray, bowls of water and food. So is the cat showing love with gifts? Of course, yes, and these may not always be pleasant gifts, for example, a mouse or a bird. Of course, such gifts should not be encouraged, but there is nothing to punish your pet for, because he showed concern and brought you food.

You Are Mine

How Do Cats Express Love

Headbutts are other things cats do when they love you. Such behavior deposits pheromones, and in this way a pet marks you. So every animal would know that you are not free. Some pets may press their head hard against you, while others prefer to use their nose against their loved one. No matter how your cat applies its scent to you, you should be honored for choosing you as its special person.

My Meow and Purr for You

Can cats love you back and show it with meow and purr? Of course, the can. If you notice, cats rarely meow, but only when they ask for something, but there are exceptions. If you are sure that your pet does not need anything and nothing bothers it, then in such a simple way it tells you “I love you.” At the same time, it can also rub against you or substitute its tummy and wait for a reciprocal affection. Cats usually purr for pleasure or to calm themselves or you. Therefore, if your pet lies down next to you and purrs, it trusts you and recognizes you as a member of its pack. This means that a cat not only loves you but would also be ready to protect you and even share food.

I Will Help You to Be Clean

Among signs your cat is deeply in love with you is licking. You’ve probably noticed what a mother cat does with her kittens, right? She licks them all the time. Thus, a cat shows love and care for them. Therefore, if your pet often licks your hands, hair, etc., then it considers you a close person, and takes care of you. Would it have done this if the cat did not love you? Of course, no. So do not forget to take care of your pet. Check the condition of its ears, eyes, teeth, and if it’s time to brush your coat, be sure to do it. How can you tell if your cat loves you? Of course, we have not described all possible signs, but these are the most common. Therefore, if your cat shows love in some other way, share your story in the comments!

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