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Signs of Cat Going Into Heat and How To Help: All in One Article! Read Now!

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Has your female cat’s behavior changed and you do not know the reason? Maybe it’s time to ask: “Is my cat in heat”? If you have not experienced a cat in the heat before, then you may not recognize the first symptoms. In our article, we will tell you about the cat’s heat cycle, symptoms, and what to do when your cat is in heat.

What Does It Mean for a Cat To Be in Heat?

If you have not spayed your cat, then you need to prepare for this period. After all, when your cat in heat is a natural reproductive process. In other words, it’s a good time to get pregnant. Cat heat cycle can be divided into four phases: proestrous, estrous, interestrous, anestrous. Let us describe these in more detail.

  • Proestrous (1-4 days). The female cat becomes more affectionate and calm, can rub or roll on the floor. It does not allow other cats to come near it yet.
  • Estrous (7-11 days). In this period appears a slight clear discharge. A cat may meow loudly and for a long time for no reason, and also stretch its booty up when it is stroked. This is the so-called invitation for the male cat.
  • Interestrous (2-19 days). The cat becomes aggressive, in particular towards males. Since it is possible already pregnant if mating was.
  • Anestrous. This is the time between heat. The cat calms down completely. Behavioral signs of sexual activity disappear. Appetite and daily routine return to normal.

Cat in the Heat: Symptoms

signs of the cat going into heat

Before each period there are preceding signs, thanks to which you can prepare for it. Let’s reveal such symptoms, which, are the answer to the question: “How to tell if a cat is in heat”?

  1. Your cat has food and water in its bowls, the litter box is clean, and it just keeps screaming. And it meows louder than usual. This is one of the first signs a cat is in heat.
  2. There is no way your cat can choose a position to rest or sleep. You feel its nervous state, and it may seem to you that the cat is not feeling well and is sick with something.
  3. Your cat began to crawl on the floor and moan. Don’t be afraid that your cat is in pain, this is also a common sign of estrus.
  4. If your cat is already affectionate and constantly rubs against you, then brother attention if it began to rub against the furniture.
  5. Pay attention to the cat’s genitals. If you notice swelling and your cat has begun to lick itself there more often, then this is one of the main signs of the cat going into heat.
  6. When you open a window or door, the cat tries to go outside. With this behavior, it tries to find a suitable male for mating.
  7. If you do not want this and live in a private house or on the ground floor, then be sure not to leave the windows open. Otherwise, your cat may go outside, or male cats may come.
  8. A sign that you definitely cannot fail to notice is if the cat adopts a mating position. In other words, your cat sticks buttocks in the air and moves tail to one side.

Additional Information That You Should Know

signs a cat is in heat

We can imagine any other questions you might have while exploring this topic. Therefore, we prepared a small memo of the answers to the alleged questions.

  • How long are cats in heat? There is no universal answer to this question. Usually, the number of days depends on the mating of the cats. Therefore, it can be assumed that the period lasts about 5-20 days.
  • How often do cats go into heat? It depends on your cat. Since a cat’s pregnancy lasts a little over 2 months, a cat can be in heat twice a year.
  • At what age does a cat go into heat? On average, already 6 months old cats reach sexual desire. However, in rare cases, a cat may begin estrus at 4 months of age. Therefore, veterinarians advise spaying a cat at an early age, from 8 weeks.
  • Are cats in pain when they are in heat? That’s a moot point. Of course, the symptoms that appear in a cat can bring discomfort to both the cat and you, but you cannot say that this is physical pain.
  • Can be the male cat in heat? The answer is no. However, if the male cat senses that somewhere nearby there is a female cat in heat, it will do everything to find it. Therefore, the cat may show some symptoms, such as behavioral changes.

During estrus, your cat does not look like herself and experiences obvious discomfort. Agree that when the symptoms listed above start to show in your cat, you can also become nervous. Therefore, the veterinarian is advised to strip the cat if you do not want to breed the kittens. Medicine has now become much safer, including for animals, so this procedure is painless. Thank you for reading our article to the end. We hope you find it interesting. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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