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What Is a Snowshoe Cat and What Characteristics & Health Issues Are Useful to Know

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Snowshoe cat breed

What do you know about the Snowshoe cat breed? Many breeders say that this is ideal among other feline breeds, and you may be delighted with the temperament and other characteristics of it. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Of course, this is a cat with a kind and calm disposition that would be able to make friends with you and other family members. However, is this breed so perfect? Let’s discuss everything that we know about its representatives. And then you can decide whether you want it or you should learn about other cat breeds!

Snowshoe Breed Info

Snowshoe cat personality
  • Origin: United States;
  • Height: 8-13 inches;
  • Weight: 7-14 pounds;
  • Coat: Short or medium with brown, silver, sable, fawn, and black color, etc.;
  • Temperament: friendly, intelligent, and kind, etc.;
  • Lifespan: 10-17 years.

What Is a Snowshoe Cat: Its History?

Snowshoe cat colors

This breed is considered to be a new one because the date of its origin is considered to be the 50s of the last century in the USA. If it were not for the attentiveness of the breeder Dorothy Hinds-Dougherty, then we might not have learned about such a breed. She drew attention to the unusual color of the kittens, which were born to Siamese cats. This interested her and she decided to create the same effect. However, Dorothy succeeded only after time and experiments. However, her success was not appreciated and the first representatives of the breed were not recognized. Dorothy stopped her work, and Vicki Olander took over the baton, it was she who brought out the first breed standard. And only in 1974, the breed received the status of experimental, and in 1984 it took part in the exhibition. Since that time, the popularity of these cats has grown. But are Snowshoe cats rare now? Despite the adoption of the British cat breeding program in 1986, this breed is rare. You may be surprised by this fact, but a fairly frequent Google request is “Is Grumpy cat a Snowshoe?” The answer is quite simple because it is not true. They are two different breeds. However, breeders do not exclude the possibility that among the ancestors of Grumpy was Snowshoe.

Characteristics of a Snowshoe Cat

what is a Snowshoe cat

If you try to find something you will achieve your goal. Therefore, if you want, you can become the owner of this unusual interesting breed.

What Does a Snowshoe Cat Look Like?

Snowshoe looks like the cat of Siamese and American shorthair breeds. Maintain most of the Siamese’s body length, but add some weight to the second one. It is usually a medium-sized pet. Its head can be triangular or even apple-shaped. An inverted V mark is one of the key elements of the standards for this breed. The ears are wide and pointed, the eyes are hazel-shaped, and they are always blue. So other eye colors can be considered a defect.

Snowshoe Cat: Temperament

Snowshoe is a very friendly, cold-blooded, and open cat breed. It gets along well with people and other animals. Fans of the breed joked that they behave calmer and fuller than many people. It can forget that it is a proud and independent cat, sincere and loyal to its master, and ready at any moment to share with its owner the joys, sorrows, and joys. This cat is dissatisfied with loneliness and is very happy with any attention. This is one of the varieties that is recommended for children to take home. Due to the Snowshoe cat’s personality, it is happy to touch you and ready to join the game at any time. It likes to watch what is happening in the house from a height, so as not to miss important things. It also likes to play with all sorts of toys, and to naughtily steal things, and then quickly run away to a cozy place. Among them, shiny products and jewelry are especially popular. The cat’s attitude to water is also very interesting. It is not only like swimming but also loves to look at the flowing water and indulge in a reflection that only they can understand.

Snowshoe Cat: Behavior to Train

Snowshoe is highly intelligent and quickly learns the rules of behavior in the house. It would not be difficult for you to accustom the kitten to the tray and sharpen its claws in a certain place. The word “training” is not quite applicable to these cats, but many snowshoe owners note their ability to learn various tricks, as well as bring back an abandoned toy.

Snowshoe Cat: Colors

The main colors are force point, blue point, and white. The main features of the breed are white well-defined “socks” on the paws and the presence on the snout of a spot resembling an inverted letter V with a top at eye level. Defects of the breed are considered to be too long hair, lack of characteristic “socks” on the paws, eyes of any color, except blue or blue, noticeable disparities in the physique.

Snowshoe Cat: Size

It is an animal of medium size, male cats can be larger than female cats. The Snowshoe cat’s weight of an adult is on average 7-14 pounds, although it can reach 8-13 inches in height.

Snowshoe Cat: Health Problems

Snowshoe cat health problems

It is a healthy cat breed. Fortunately, no specific diseases occurred during its existence. According to experts, good health was inherited by American short-haired shoes, which did not carry out risky breeding experiments. But Siamese cats have spoiled the picture a bit – some cat’s lineages have retained a gene that causes strabismus or tail defects. It is difficult to call such manifestations diseases, but these factors directly affect the quality, price, and exhibition prospects. How long do Snowshoe cats live? It can live 10-17 years.

Snowshoe Cat: Care

Proper care can prolong the Snowshoe cat’s lifespan. Taking care of your cat properly is not difficult at all. Standard procedures, such as cleaning the ears, eyes, trimming the claws, monitoring the condition of the teeth, do not have any peculiarities associated with the breed. Do Snowshoe cats shed? Haircare consists of periodically combing out once or twice a week. During molting, you need to comb your pet more often. It is important to have the correct diet for your pet. Both dry food and natural food can be used. The issues of timely vaccination, deworming, and constant monitoring of the pet’s health are as relevant for this breed as for any other breed. Are snowshoe cats hypoallergenic? No, they are not.

Snowshoe Cat: Facts

how long do Snowshoe cats live
  • These cats are born completely white, which is why they are considered unique representatives of such a rare species.
  • Like many other cats with white coats, they have blue eyes. Any other eye color is considered a defect.
  • It is believed that their breeding is considered a pure coincidence.
  • For a long time, not a single international organization wanted to recognize them.
  • At their first show, they made a splash among other breeds.
  • Most often, a cat of this breed is given unique short names.
  • They are often referred to as companions to their owners and good therapists.

Do you know what is the advantage of a rare and unique breed? It would be fun for you to learn together some new features of your pet, and your cat would stand out from the rest. As for the Snowshoe, this cat would be able to cheer you up after a hard day, because it senses the mood of its owner and tries to help it. If you doubt that this is exactly the choice of a pet, then read several forums with the owners of such pets There you can find the remaining answers to all your questions. Or feel free to ask them in the comments below this article. We are always happy to help our readers learn something new!

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