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How Many Sounds Can a Cat Make: Ordinary and Weird, and What Do They Mean

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Sounds Can a Cat Make

It would be much easier if your cat could tell you what it wants, or what worries it, right? However, this does not mean that the pet cannot express its feelings and desires in another way. Sounds cat makes can tell you a lot of useful information if you can learn to identify sound type and intonation. So, let’s find out how many sounds can a cat make, and what do they mean. All answers below!

Cat Noises and What They Mean

There are different types of cat noises. This is how cats communicate with people, other pets, to convey their moods, intentions, and feelings.


One of the first and even the main noises cats make is meow. Some behavioral experts believe that most often these are chaotic sounds that our friends use to communicate with other animals. However, you probably noticed that cats do not meow for no reason, they usually signal with this sound about their desire. For example, if a cat meows near a bowl of food, it wants to eat. If it meows near the door, it wants to go in or out somewhere. An attentive owner would eventually learn to recognize the meowing timbre and, even being in another room, understand what the pet is asking for.


What sounds do cats make with a closed mouth? It is a trill, and it sounds like something between meow and purr. It lasts less than a second and is usually exchanged between mother and kittens. However, it can be a signal of greeting between cats or a cat with a person, as well as the sound of approval. For example, you bring your pet its favorite treat, and you can hear a trill as a token of gratitude. You have 100% heard this sound from your cat, but if you find it difficult to understand what exactly this sound is, then just google audio or video with a trill.


cat makes sound Purr

Understanding cat sounds is not so obvious and a simple task. For example, many people think that purring is a sign of feline bliss. Cat behaviorists consider this statement to be true for domestic cats. Healthy and happy cats really purr, especially if you stroke their belly or scratch behind the ear. However, sometimes they can purr in their sleep, so the pet reassures itself that it is safe. Sick and dying cats sometimes purr. If you notice something like this, especially in combination with other signs of the disease – the cat has stopped caring for itself, refuses to eat, is inactive, etc. – immediately contact your veterinarian for help.


Hiss is formed by a continuous stream of air exhaled by the animal. This sound is often compared to the menacing hiss of a snake. It is almost always accompanied by signs of the body – the cat has an arched back, flattene ears, etc. An unambiguous signal is sent to the enemy. Cats usually hiss at other cats, dogs, and even humans. Cat lovers should remember: if the cat hisses menacingly, it is better to move away and not irritate it.


There are different sounds cats make, but not all pets have the same “playlist”. For example, imitating the sound of a bird or rodent is a chirp. Usually, it is published by the mother cat when she calls her kittens or asks them to follow her. Also, this sound can be used to draw the attention of the owner to the pet’s needs.


We hope that you have not heard a cat yowl, because it means that your pet is in pain. These are loud neutered, then it can also make this sound if it’s time to mate. In other words, the male communicates in this way about his readiness for mating. It usually happens in spring


Growl is a weird sounds cats make. It is similar to a low rumbling sound that usually means a warning. A cat can release it at the moment of anger, fear, or designation of its territory in front of another animal or person. It is usually accompanied by a hiss as well. If you heard this sound from your pet, then you should not provoke it at that moment. Whatever close connection you have, a cat that defends its territory can be aggressive.


What do different cat sounds mean in the estrus period? You should google “caterwaul sound” because it is hard to explain. It is a combination of different sounds and means of expression of pain, fear, unhappiness, and desire for attention. This sound can also be found in older cats as a sign of disorientation.


Snarl is one of the cat sounds, and its meaning is aggression. This is usually a loud sound that is often accompanied by grins and hisses. Animal behavior experts believe it only applies to other animals and not to humans. However, if the person’s behavior is too aggressive, then it may be a warning sound before the attack.


If you hear that your cat is making a clicking or stuttering sound with an open mouth, it means that it is hunting. Take a close look, most likely this is a hunt for a flying insect or bird. Chatter sound helps your cat not to scare away prey.

Breed Talk

Breed Talk cat

Some cats are more talkative than others. If you’re looking for such a cat, then pay attention to Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest, or Maine Coon breeds.

Even though Cat behaviorists have several dozen variants of sounds in cats, in ordinary life, animals use a much smaller number of them. If you are an attentive and empathetic owner, you are 100% likely to understand what your pet wants to tell you. If the sounds become persistent and incessant, while the animal has access to water, food, and a tray, then it is necessary to show the animal to the veterinarian in order to rule out health problems. What sounds does your cat make the most often, and what do they mean? Write in the comments!

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