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What Noises Do Cats Hate: Check Our List and Calm Your Pet From Unexpected Sounds

Oct.15.2021 84
What Noises Do Cats Hate

Cats use different sounds and behaviors to convey information to us and other animals. But at the same time, cats are picky about sounds because of their sensitive hearing, and their perception is 4-5 times farther than ours. They can also distinguish slight differences in sound. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are noises cats hate, and we will tell you about the most popular of them.

What Frequency Do Cats Hate?

We have prepared for you a list of those sounds that your pet would not like, so try to protect the animal from them.


Balloon bursting is one of the sounds that drive cats crazy. Watching a balloon explode is a terrible process for them because they don’t understand the scientific principle behind why they explode with such a loud noise. They also may not like balloons because they generate a lot of static electricity. If they accidentally touch the balloon, your cat may feel it.


Cats don’t like fireworks because they often explode with decibel power, which is louder for them than for us. Some cats are scared by the fireworks and would try to escape, so during major fireworks holidays, be careful to keep them at home.

Tin Foil

What Frequency Do Cats Hate?

Foil is an annoying sound for cats because they cannot understand it, so it worries them. Usually, cats avoid approaching or walking on tin foil at all costs, in part to keep them from joking. If you need to rip off a piece of foil, try to leave the room or gently tear it off so as not to disturb the cat. Otherwise, it is very likely that the mere sight of tin foil would push your cat out of the room!

Humming Noise

Cats don’t like low noise because they don’t know where it’s coming from. If you try to snort next to your cat, sometimes you can see that its ears twitch in confusion as they try to find the source of the sound. Cats rely heavily on their senses to protect themselves. It is a defense mechanism that allows them to determine where it is coming from and the cause of the sound.


When the cat owner yelling, It may be a noise to scare cats away. Cats are very sensitive to the tone of voice and quickly notice when people are angry or fighting. Living in a home that often screams or screams can cause chronic anxiety in your cat.


While you certainly can’t predict when any type of siren would go off, your cat would definitely despise this noise due to the high volume and fast tone. You need to calm your pet down. Also, if you live on a busy street or in a city with heavy traffic, it is worth teaching your cat to ignore sirens and other street noise. You can try giving your cat a snack or a small piece of meat when the alarm sounds. Over time, your cat would expect that it would know about the food being prepared, but would not be intimidated by the noise.


Thunderstorms are sounds that bother cats because they make loud noises along with changes in air pressure that your pet may feel. For animals, this is usually a warning signal of impending danger, putting them on high alert. While it seems that not all cats suffer from thunderstorms, if you live in an area where it rains frequently, this can be a very uncomfortable phobia for your cat. You can try playing soothing classical music to calm your pet down. 


The lawnmower usually makes a loud noise when it starts to operate, which can easily scare the cat. In addition, some of them throw away grass and debris when driving around the yard, which can also scare your pet. If you have a cat that loves to walk in the yard, move it to your house before starting the mower because a sound that annoys cats can also be dangerous for them.

Vacuum Cleaner and Dishwasher

The vacuum cleaner and dishwasher make similar sounds, which can be intimidating to your pet. The reason is that it is not always a constant sound, but a wave of noise. If your cat is near such a technique when it works, then it can really shock it. Therefore, you need to try to prevent this scenario of events. Try to keep your cat out of the room where the dishwasher works, or you are vacuuming. Give it a favorite toy and lock it in a room where your cat feels safe.

Fluorescent Lightbulbs

Sounds Cats Hate

Although humans cannot hear the frequency of fluorescent lightbulbs, animals can hear noise from them, and they’re noises that annoy cats. Therefore, you may notice that when you turn on one of these lights, your cat would quickly run out of the room.

When you know that your cat is very upset about loud noises in your home environment, there are steps you can take to make it feel more comfortable. Just help your pet to get to a quieter place, and make sure their food bowls and litter box are not in areas that might cause such unexpected noises. What sounds scare your cat the most? Share in the comments and tell us about its behavior in moments of unexpected noise. What else can cats be afraid of? Find out why they are afraid of cucumbers!

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