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Sterilization – Pros and Cons

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Is It Really Needed?

sterilization of a cat

There are different opinions. Some people think it is necessary. Others think that it is impossible to deprive an animal of the joy of motherhood and in general, it is a pity to operate on your beloved cat. It is worth clarifying that if you have an opportunity to breed or to give someone kittens, you can refuse this idea; but are you ready for the fact that your cat will give birth to about 6 or 7 kittens every six months? If not, then sterilization is the best solution.

Sterilization before or immediately after the first estrus reduces the risk of developing cancer in a cat – especially a common breast tumor; and the risk of purulent uterine inflammation disappears – no organ, no problem. Castrating a cat (of course, if he doesn’t mark the whole apartment) is better when he’s about a year old. In this case, the body of an animal will have time to develop fully. Adult cats can also be castrated/sterilized, but it is better to consult with a veterinarian (you should make sure that your cat will normally go through general anesthesia).

In addition to sterilization, there are also hormonal pills that interrupt the estrus. However, they can cause serious health problems.

What Happens After Sterilization?

The animal will become calmer and more affectionate, but he/she can gain weight. The fact is the body spends a significant amount of energy on the sexual system, and estrogens suppress appetite. After sterilization and castration, the body stops consuming energy and appetite does not become less – so it can increase fat tissue. However, if you take care of a special cat’s nutrition: won’t feed your pet too much or will choose food for sterilized cats – this will not happen.

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