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Sterling Davis “TrapKing” or Man Who in Love With Felines

Dec.08.2020 407
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This is the news and a good story about how stereotypes are broken.

We are used to the fact that men are not able to love a kitten who so wants to get a girl or beloved wife. That men like dogs more than cats. But Sterling Davis from Georgia has proven to American society that anyone can do good deeds regardless of age, build or skin color.

The First Attempts To Become a “Cat Advocate” and the Emergence of «TrapKing»

Like all black little boys named Sterling wanted to rap. He started dancing and singing when he was a little boy. But he had another passion since childhood – a love for cats.

As in the most classical scenarios, his parents didn’t allow him to bring a kitten to the house, which greatly upset the boy. Despite everything, he found a way to communicate and play with fluffy friends.

Sterling Davis remembers the first time he came to an interview at one of Georgia’s cat shelters and almost lost his job because of his excessive attention to cats.

The guy literally kissed all the cats at the shelter and received an unsatisfactory response after the interview (he was too focused on cats). But he was still taken because they had never seen such a big and dark-skinned guy treat cats so kindly. Then they believed and gave him a chance.

“TrapKing Human Cat Solutions”

the best cat's king

It’s an excellent name for a rapper artist but not in the case of Davis. He gave up his career as a rap artist and realized that his mission is to save cats and remind people of his love for animals.

In 2012, a cat lover founded his company, which is engaged in neutering stray cats in the Atlantic Humanities Society.

The time has already passed when he spent all his earned money to neuter fuzzy stray cats in a dark neighborhood near the Atlanta Metro. About a month ago, more people learned about his activities through a publication at And now more and more people are encouraging the Sterling’s idea and helping him financially. Now his idea and the company have reached a new level of support and he is also being offered to volunteer.

The TNR Method

If to describe it briefly, Davis fights with uncontrolled reproduction of cats. That is, he is against putting the stray cats to sleep, so he invented his difficult way called “TNR” – trap, neutering and release. It is a worthy and humane alternative to animal euthanasia.

One can only imagine how much more difficult it is to catch all cats and perform this procedure without harming the animal.

Guys Who Love Cats Are Beautiful

Sterling Davis is an excellent example of how to follow the call of the heart and take part in society.

He began his career as a coordinator for cats and soon became the head of his own cat movement.

Big and muscular guy, his whole body is covered with tattoos, his nails are painted black but few people see his kind and huge heart where there is room for every cat!

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