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Sugar Cookie Day: Can Cats Eat Cookies?

Jul.29.2020 223
cookies for cats - good or bad

All the cats are predators. And the main part of the predator’s diet is proteins (meat) and fats, they constitute almost 100% of the cat’s food. Sometimes a cat may eat vegetables and plants (grass), but they do this for cleaning their stomach and intestines.

If your cat is eating something sweet, such as cookies or ice cream, it is likely attracted by the taste of milk proteins and fats.

Theoretically, cats can eat some cookies, but it’s better not to treat it at all. There are many reasons for that:

  • The fact that the animal won’t get any pleasure from it! Because cats don’t have genes responsible for the production of taste buds susceptible to sweets.
  • Almost all the cookie ingredients are harmful to cats. Flour, butter, sugar, milk, and various spices (impurities) can cause many diseases.
  • At the molecular level, cats were used to digesting foods with high protein content, moderate amounts of fat, and minimal carbohydrates. Some wild feline families only get carbohydrates when they eat the stomach contents of their herbivore victims.

Although sugar is digested in the cat’s body, it is not worth eating it on a regular basis. Many of you may know how to bring your cat to obesity with the help of confectionery. Overweight is supplemented by heart diseases, arthritis, and various forms of cancer.

If you want to know more about healthy cats’ nutrition you can read it here.

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