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The Best New Year’s Present for Olive the Cat

Jan.16.2021 411

If you ever hear the pitiful meow of a cat under the door, we ask you not to be indifferent, even if it’s the middle of the night and you have to work tomorrow.

The story of Michigan couple Ashley and Jeremy Flood can be an example.

One Cat’s Amazing Story

grey tabby found his family

These people had never considered becoming cat parents for at least one cat. They have enough neighbors in their neighborhood who have furry and purring pets.

One night while the Floods were watching television, they heard a cat calling that wouldn’t stop meowing near the couple’s house. They thought it was another companion who had gone out for a walk from the neighbor’s house and was sure to come home – they usually do.

But not this time. The husband and wife listened and realized that the sound was coming from their doorstep, so they decided to investigate.

When they went outside they saw a perfectly healthy cat that didn’t need emergency care. As Ashley and Jeremy say, they didn’t take her home that night. And Ashley woke up more than once more in the night to the meow of an unexpected guest.

The anxious couple couldn’t help but think that the cat had stopped by their house for a reason. And the next day they asked their neighbors how they could temporarily keep an eye on the nocturnal visitor.

Ashley and Jeremy’s acquaintances lent them the cat’s real estate in the form of a cardboard box with a towel inside.

The next night, the persistent cat showed up at Flood’s doorstep again. They went out to fix her up and saw a sad sight; it turned out the cat was shivering and its paws were shaking in the cold. At this point, there was no doubt in the couple’s mind that the cat really needed help.

Saving Olive or the Benefits of Chipping

grey tabby street

The next day, Ashley contacted the Humane Society of Midland County, Michigan, and they took the poor cat for a checkup to find out more information.

The Humane Society staff discovered the cat’s chip and were able to get all the information about the cat as a result.

The woman thought that if the cat had no chip and was nobody’s cat, then she and her husband could take her in.

But the cat turned out to be adopted. The cat’s name was Olive, a tabby gray cat who was lost in the flooding that displaced 10,000 Midlanders back in the spring of 2020, which happened on May 17.

A Truly Happy 2021!

As you have already realized, 2021 was a new year for a cat named Olive, because she started life anew thanks to wonderful and compassionate people!

The Flood family shared this story and commented that they were really happy to be a part of this adorable story of rescuing a missing cat.

We encourage you to pay attention to how important it is to use a microchip for animals, too. No one knows what’s in store for you and could happen tomorrow.

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