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The Best Toys for Your Cat

Aug.29.2020 409
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Our pets spend most of their lives in the game, like little children. It’s no secret that most cats aren’t picky about what to play with. It could be a bottle cap, laces on sneakers, cardboard boxes, rustling bags, or the leg/arm of the owner.

But sometimes you want to treat your pet with a new, bright and functional toy – let’s see what you can choose!

Fortunately, the modern pet industry offers a wide range of toys for cats. Different toys have their own features, and you can easily determine what your pet prefers in practice.

In addition, many modern toys are equipped with automatic mechanisms and don’t require participation in the game. But let’s discuss everything one by one.

  • Reflect on the animal’s preferences. Some cats like to chase a ball or tangle, while others enjoy the ‘teasing’ effect.
  • Check out the safety of the toy. It should be made of environmentally friendly material, and have no details that are easy to tear off.
  • Buy a few toys. Choose a variety of items that the cat had a choice.
  • Pay attention to multi-functional models, with extra features. For example, claw toys, massage toys, and developing complexes.

The Toys That Your Cat Will Love


These are probably the most popular toys for cats, and their name speaks for themselves. Tickling your cat’s nose or stomach with a tickle will make it easy to get your cat into the game. Little hunters love to catch fluffy things (feathers, ribbons, etc.) and are willing to play with them all day long. Since the owner is supposed to participate in the games with teasing, this is a great opportunity to communicate with your pet and tune in to the wave of full understanding.

Beeztees Happy Cat

An entertaining toy in the form of a plate with a ball can entice your pet for a long time. The ball is located in the chute and fixed so that the cat can’t reach it. The model is made of strong plastic in anthracite color. The top of the plate is a claw.

The toy promotes the development of the cat’s playing skills and helps the cat to stay in good shape.

A Laser Pointer or Interactive Toys With a Laser Beam

Both adult cats and kittens of different breeds love chasing the red dot. Games with a laser pointer are a great exercise, they allow your pet to run and jump as much as they wish, to splash out the accumulated energy and exercise, as they provide great freedom of action. The laser pointer can be driven not only on the floor but also on the cat’s town, encouraging your cat to climb, jump and pass obstacles.

Cat Tracks

cat toy balls

A game track for cats with several balls can be played by several cats at the same time as well as one pet. During the game, the bright balls are rolling around in a circle on all three levels, and the cats are trying to catch them, but it’s not so easy!

The handy track design keeps the ball from falling out and getting lost. This game is a great opportunity not only to keep your cat occupied but also to develop his physical form. By the way, pets can play with the track on their own, the owner’s participation in this game is not necessary, but optional! There are also flashing ball tracks to help entertain pets at night.

GiGwi Pet Droid (Electronic Toy)

This novelty should probably be mentioned separately. The compact electronic toy is equipped with a sound chip and has interchangeable nozzles. The principle of operation is that due to sensors the toy cat catches the movement, and releases from the body brush of natural feathers, which the pet immediately begins to catch.

Experience has shown that house hunters can be fascinated by the fountain ponytail for hours – so they like a fascinating, dynamic game accompanied by tweeting birds. And this is not surprising, because sometimes our pets are so lacking in nature and realization of their hunting talents.


The round plate with the ball has combined the functions of the playing center and the claws. A cat can spend hours chasing the ball around in a circle trying to get it out. Inside the plate is a replaceable cardboard block of claws.

There is a catnip filling to attract the cat’s attention. Your pet can play with either ball or fluffy pompon in the spring.

The Peppermint Leaf Toy

mouse toys for cats

It is a gum toy that cats love to chew, so “The Peppermint Leaf” is not just entertainment but an effective way to protect your cat from caries as the special structure of the toy (the mesh) removes plaque from her/his teeth. In addition, sweet mint, which is also part of the toy, refreshes your cat’s breath, which is a pleasant addition.

Mazes and Puzzles

Educational and great cat toys are becoming more and more popular. These are mazes and puzzles with balls hidden inside, multi-level tracks, at the finish of which the animal expects a prize: a mouse, a catnip ball, or some other thing. These toys can take the cat’s attention for a long time. This is a great way to entertain your cat while the owner is at work.

Karlie Flamingo

An automatic cat toy with a laser lighthouse. A pet can play without human intervention. The product is made in an original futuristic design. The trajectory of the laser pointer is adjustable. Speed mode and intensity of movement are adjustable – with this you can diversify the cat’s game.

Catit Design Senses

A Multi-functional play center attracts cats with its sound, smell, and touch. Designed specifically for loving cats, it helps them relieve stress, and tension at certain times in their emotional lives.

It includes a center for an intensive massage of the neck and face, a rubber tooth massage insert, a massage mat for the feet, and a section for catnip. The massage not only relieves tension, but also improves the skin, and coat condition of the animal.

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