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The Most Majestic Cats – Maine Coons

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Country of origin: USA

Height: 30-40 cm, about 1 m long

Weight: 4-10 kg

Life expectancy: 12-15 years

maine coons origin

The ancestors of the Maine Coons were large cats that lived in the north of the United States. Originally, these cats were used as rat catchers on farms.

Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed in the world. Its body is powerful, with a wide chest and a massive head. These animals grow up until they are 3-5 years old. The Maine Coon fur is subject to seasonal changes. In summer it is less thick and short, while in winter it turns into chic fur.

A distinctive feature of this breed of cat is its independence. They can keep people away and generally impose their will on their owners, but it is worth noting that these cats are very reverent to children and may have a good time with them.

maine coons the main features

Maine Coons are very smart and can learn commands just like dogs. In addition, they very clearly capture the intonation and changes in the mood of their owner and show a non-animal tact and understanding. Maine Coon will not demand attention if you are not in the mood.

In general, the definition of «cat that walks by itself» is fully consistent with the nature of this breed.

Maine coons love water and bathe with pleasure. That is why the owners usually have no problems with washing.

Many people who decide to get a Maine coon often think if they will have problems with the cat’s hair – it is quite thick and long. In fact, it is not that scary – one combing out per week is enough.

maine coons habits

Maine Coons are great hunters, so they are unlikely to become friends with small pets. Although they do get along well with other cats and even dogs.

It is very important for Maine Coon to have its own territory – a space where he/she can shelter from human attention and rest a little. It is also important for these cats to have a large territory for walking – they do not like to sit still and like to walk, play, and hunt for a long time.

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