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The Smartest Breeds of Cats

Aug.04.2020 258

Who’s smarter: a cat or a dog? People are still arguing about it. And probably the real mental faculties of animals are not taken into account. Someone likes more dogs and someone likes cats.

So, as not to offend anyone, for example, raccoons are smarter than dogs and cats (they almost have as many neurons in their heads as dogs).

We have prepared a list of the smartest cats in the world. And if you think that the most intelligent cat knows how to give a paw or react to commands: “Voice!” or “Take!” you are wrong. Cats that have a high IQ have more important things to do than be your servant. The felinologists have long been convinced that the older breed of cats is smarter than others. Following these assumptions, it was the Oriental breeds of cats and they bore the title of ‘the smartest cats’. Times have changed and now the list looks like this:

The Canadian Sphynx

most intelligent cat

Yeah, first place is taken by the hairless cat in this chart. Although these places used to belong to Siamese, Persian, and Burmese cats. The Canadian Sphynx can be easily trained, very friendly to guests, and will be happy to play hide-and-seek or chasing. These cats like to show themselves and to amaze everyone.

Turkish Angora

smart cat

Very graceful and persistent cat. Its perseverance showed in the fact that it won’t like to change favorite food or let you take away a toy it likes to play with. This cat always gets what it wants. Turkish Angora is one of those who loves water treatments and won’t miss her chance to swim. Turkish Angora is ideal for lonely people, you can both chat and keep quiet with her.

British cats

most intelligent cat breed

You can’t confuse these cats with anyone. Their majestic colors are not familiar to everyone. They’re real individualists and they don’t like when outsiders touch their personal belongings. But British cats are very fond of their masters and allow them anything. These cats are madly bored when their masters aren’t home.

Oriental Shorthair Cat

smart cat breeds

These cats can feel the mood, state of people and begin to behave accordingly. Oriental cats have a special ability to heal sick places on the human body – it was proven. Apart from their healing abilities, this cute cat loves to play and can be nurtured despite its temperament.


munchkin cat breed information

Despite its low height and short paws, it is a very wise cat. Hosts of Munchkins note that their cats rarely meow for no reason. And Munchkins also like to hide things. They do it very skillfully!

A Balinese Cat

what breed of cat is the smartest

The cats of this breed are over half a century old. Balinese cats like to manage the house: look into hustlers, open doors, get things from the most secret places. Besides, these cats are very gentle and well-bred.

Siberian Cat

siberian cat breed

Their cute features are good memory and love for children. Siberians cats are very attentive and can babysit your children.

It’s nice to know that there are such smart and beautiful breeds of cats. But it doesn’t matter if your favorite kitten lies next to you and purrs. And you’re the whole universe for it!

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