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The Veterinarians Determined the Top 5 Food Groups To Avoid When Feeding Cats

Jan.09.2021 355
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We’ve already talked many times about what foods are bad for a cat’s health and why you should avoid them.

Today, experts in the field of veterinary medicine have identified not just harmful but dangerous foods for the lives of our pets.

In their many years of experience, the following food groups lead to the most popular and chronic cat diseases.

Top 5 food groups to avoid when feeding cats

Solid Foods (Animal, Fish and Bird Bones)

The bodies of wild and domestic cats are different. And if an outdoor cat is a content with what it finds near garbage cans, then even bones are not a bad way to satisfy its hunger.

But we’re talking about pets. Some cat breeds have specific food needs. But bones are the kind of food you should stop offering your cat right now!

As you know, solid foods can injure the digestive system and interfere with its proper functioning (bones from any animal can cause intestinal obstruction in most cases). They are especially dangerous for small kittens.

So, if you feed your cat raw or cooked meat make sure there are no bones in it.

Raw Foods, Especially Raw Fish

An experienced owner knows who to buy raw meat or by-products from to feed their pets. Because he knows how dangerous raw meat can be to a cat’s health. Especially, when it comes to raw fish, which can be a source of helminths and other worms.

This is a pattern rather than isolated cases. Parasites enter the cat’s body, multiply and affect the internal organs of the animal. As a consequence, normal metabolism is disturbed in the body and chronic diseases occur, ranging from the gastrointestinal tract to heart, lung and liver damage.

Animal Fat (Fresh and Heat-Treated)

You probably have thought more than once that those layers of fat that remain on the meat of chicken or pork can be a great snack for your cat – Why have it any other way?

But it’s a bad idea that leads to various GI disorders at best.

Sausages, Frankfurters and Wieners

How good they smell! It seems that cats and sausage is a classic, isn’t it? This is the tandem often seen in cartoons or literature.

But we hasten to warn you that sausages are harmful to both humans and animals. Perhaps, you don’t often look at the composition of sausages, where in addition to meat products there is a huge amount of preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, and substitutes. Even common seasonings and salt affect the kidneys in the first place.

Cats Don’t Have a Sweet Tooth!

If you have ever been tempted to share a little piece of chocolate with your favorite kitten, we advise you to abandon this idea.

As we wrote earlier, cats are incapable of sensing the taste of sweets. They do not have certain groups of receptors that recognize it in food.

Chocolate, caramel, meringues, cookies, and lollipops are the direct route to gastrointestinal distress and impaired excretory function.

And lastly, you must remember that cats are carnivores and that what people eat is not in their nature. If you don’t know how to feed your cat, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

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