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How to Introduce a Kitten to Another Cat: Find Out the Most Useful and the Easiest Steps

Jul.09.2021 128
introducing a kitten to an older cat

If you already have a cat and you decide to have another kitten, that’s great. However, how do cats get along with kittens? When a family is preparing for the birth of a second child, they talk to the elder about it so that there is no misunderstanding and jealousy. It’s the same with the new kitten. Of course, these are not conversations but the stages of preparation are present. Therefore, we decided to help you and share some useful tips for bringing home a new kitten. Enjoy the reading!

Do Older Cats Get Along with Kittens?

If your cat gets along well with you and is affectionate, this does not mean that bringing a new cat home to another cat is a good idea. A small kitten and an adult cat is a possible task, albeit not an easy one. Behavior experts argue that this venture should be carried out for up to 3 years. Of course, after three it is possible but it will be difficult to find a working approach. The fact is that a cat can perceive a new tenant as a threat to its usual way of life. It can be jealous of the owner and demonstrate this with its attacks and hiss. If the cat’s reaction is initially very negative, it can be a little difficult to make new kitten with older cat for you. But it is possible nonetheless.

How to Introduce a Kitten to Another Cat?

new kitten with older cat

Of course, cats are extremely jealous of their territory and personal life. When a new pet appears, you will have to give your first cat as much attention, or better, more than usual, and by all means, let it know that you still love it. The cat must be confident in you and your attitude, this will help reduce the heat of passions and position the cat for a new pet. That is why we prepared some steps to introducing a new kitten to a cat.

Choose the Right Time

The house should be quiet and peaceful. Do not invite guests on this day. All your attention on this day and others should be given to cats to support them and help establish contact.

Pay Attention to the Smell

Smell plays an important role in a cat’s life. And also a key, when you want adding a kitten to a home with a cat. Therefore, before meeting in person, you can train your cat to smell a new kitten. How to do it? Take a new toy, preferably a blanket, and bring it to the breeder. Let the new kitten play and sleep there. In other words, it will leave its smell. Then take the item and bring it home. Mix the scents and allow a little time for the cat to get used to the new smell, which can take several days, and sometimes a week.

A Cat Cartier Can Help You

Use a cat carrier when introducing a kitten to an older cat. After all, your main task is to make both pets feel as safe as possible, and the kitten is not subjected to persecution or aggression. Precisely aggression, do not be surprised. The smell trick may not work and the cat may actively defend its territory. By the way, the kitten can also show aggression. The best way to avoid this is to use a carrier when they meet at first. This will allow the cats to sniff each other at a safe distance.

A Personal Meeting

If you feel like your pets are ready to meet face to face, you can use the food as a distraction. It is the best way to introduce a kitten to an older cat. Do not feed your cats for a while so that they are a little hungry, and then feed them in the same room at the same time. Choose a room where the cat can hide behind furniture or jump higher if desired. Let the first cat into the room, and then let the second come out of the shelter and eat. You will need to decide how close to get them to each other. Be calm, cheer up your pets, and reward them for good behavior with praise, treats, or favorite food. Observe how your pets communicate. Perhaps in the beginning it will be the only way of communication between them. Once you are sure that your pets will not fight or chase each other, you can give them access to the rest of the house. Most likely, they will find such a place for sleeping and daily activities that would allow them to live peacefully in the same house. As soon as any manifestation of aggression or alertness disappears, you can be calm. If cats do not become best friends, they will definitely get along with each other to establish their boundaries.

Getting a kitten when you have a cat is possible but a little risky. Over time, pets will figure out how to live together. However, you must also contribute to establishing the boundaries of each of them. Everyone should have their own bowls for food and water. As well as a tray of sand. If you see that someone peeing in two trays or eats from someone else’s bowl, you need to wean your pet. Otherwise, the second may begin to show aggression in an attempt to defend its own. Make the same time for both cats. When one of the pets is guilty, you do not need to deprive it of treats and give it to the other. It means that both will get nothing. How did you introduce the cat to another pet? Share with our readers in the comments. We are happy that you follow our updates. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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