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Toyger Breed Profile: History, Temperament, Colors, and Other Characteristics

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Toyger Breed Profile

Toyger cat is a breed that would captivate you from the first minute of your acquaintance. Despite the close relationship with the independent Bengals, the tiger cats do not go with the character of their relatives. They are hassle-free pets with only the drawback of over-popularity. This is a disadvantage Because If you choose an unreliable breeder, there is a risk of buying a cat not of this breed at all, but a mestizo or a cat with a lot of defects. Therefore, one of the popular options are to look for Toyger cats for adoption. Let’s find out the origin and other characteristics of this cool breed.

Toyger Tigers Breed Info

  • Origin: United States;
  • Height: 9-13 inches;
  • Weight: 7-15 pounds;
  • Coat: short with brindle, sable, brown, and chocolate;
  • Temperament: affectionate, sociable;
  • Lifespan: 9-15 years.

Toyger Breed: History

In 1980, Judy Sugden had a dream – to create a new and unique breed of cats that would resemble tigers. It looked like she continued the family tradition because her mother is one of the founders of Bengal cats. So, where does Toyger originate from? It originates from Los Angeles, USA. The result was amazing, because the new breed combined the characteristics of several breeds at once. The Toyger cat breed was officially registered in 1993. However, it was allowed to participate in exhibitions only since 2007. According to statistics from last year, fewer than 500 representatives of the breed were registered and only 19 recognized breeders. So is Toyger a mixed cat breed? Yes, it is mixed by domestic and Bengal cats.

What Is a Toyger Cat: The Main Characteristics

There are a lot of differences between Toyger and Bengal. More precisely, this breed combined in itself those characteristics that are considered defects for ancestors – vertical stripes on the coat, and the large size of an elongated body. Usually the head is medium in size, but the muzzle is long with well-defined contours. An elongated nose with a large lobe, and the eyes are usually of medium size, yellow-green. This breed has a massive body and strong legs of medium length.

What Is a Toyger Temperament?

What Is a Toyger Cat

Toyger mixed with a domestic cat and Bengal, but doesn’t inherit their personality. It combines the extremes – affectionate, but not annoying, and agile, but does not rush around the apartment throwing off everything in its path. If your cat falls asleep in the closet or washing machine, then most likely it has explored the area and is a little tired. The fact is that this breed is very curious, so be prepared for such curiosities. Your cat would not take revenge on you for what you forgot to play with it or left alone in the apartment for more than 5-8 hours, Toyger would quickly forget about the incident, but this can disrupt your connection and cause stress for the pet. Cats of this breed are trusting and sociable, so they can easily find a common language and be in good relationships with you, young children, other family members and pets. Your cat would love to purr, especially if you are stroking its back or belly. This is a smart breed, so you do not need to use special techniques during training. Your pet would quickly learn how to use the litter box and more. One of your main tasks is to establish boundaries from the first day, such as not sitting at the table.

Toyger Cat Breed: Colors and Coat

It is a short-haired breed with a thick and soft coat. The traditional color is brindle with vertical dark stripes on a golden-brown background. Highlighted areas on the belly, inner legs and chest are also welcome. Silver Toygers are very popular, but they are not officially recognized.

Breed Defects

Any outward appearance that calls into question pure breeds of animals is considered a serious defect. For example, pets with a tick-borne color, without stripes on the belly and chest, blue eyes and black tips of the tail are prohibited at the exhibition.

Toyger: Size

It is a medium-size breed. Toygers weigh in at 7-15 pounds, and reach a height of 9-13 inches. However, due to the fact that the breed is relatively new, the dimensions may not be accurate.

Toyger Breed: Health Issues and Care

Toyger Breed

The Toygers do not have a predisposition to serious diseases, especially to retinal atrophy and cardiomyopathy. However, they can easily pick up feline infections, so they do not skip vaccinations. This breed is not picky to care for. Brush the coat if necessary, because molting in cats happens only a few times a year, and it can be devastating. In other words, you may not even notice that your pet is molting. There would be no difficulties with bathing, if your pet has a calm disposition, then you would not even need assistant. However, the teeth need to be brushed every 2 days, and the ears, eyes and nose should be checked for cleanliness. Make sure to trim your cat’s nails every two months. Such a cat breed as Toyger is unpretentious in food, but would never refuse supplements or something tasty. There are no special recommendations for feeding, so the main thing is to choose a balanced diet that would contain all the necessary vitamins.
When you know the Toyger breed profile, you can decide whether you want a cat of this breed or not. This affectionate, kind and obedient pet would amaze you every day. If one of our readers already has a cat of this breed, then, please, share in the comments why you chose and love it. Your story can help a new kitten find a loving family!

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