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How to Train Cats to Do Tricks: Find Out Useful Tips and Check the List of Cat Tricks

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can you teach a cat tricks

We are sure that you know and have heard often about the importance of dog training. It is not at all necessary to train cats, but it is possible. This will help make your cat’s life more active and interesting. Plus, training cats to do tricks will strengthen your bond with the animal. You will understand which communication methods work, and which ones are better to forget forever. It is pointless to use force or threats on cats, so if you want to teach something, start with a game. In training, repetition and encouragement are the main keys. Therefore, let us tell you everything in a little more detail. Enjoy the reading!

Can You Teach a Cat Tricks?

Despite the obvious successes of cats, many still believe that cats cannot be trained. However, think for yourself. your cat responds to its name, comes up to you when you call it, and much more that you do not attach importance to. Even the most independent cats communicate easily and can learn some funny cat tricks. All it takes is the right incentives. The key to teaching them is understanding their motivation and using positive, reward-based methods. Exercise not only helps keep your cat’s mind as agile as his or her body, but it also helps strengthen the bond between you. If recalled, it may even help keep your cat safe from potentially dangerous situations.

How to Train Cats to Do Tricks?

kitten training tips

Before moving on to helpful cat training tips, let us tell you the interesting story of one TV presenter, Anna Webb. A kitten came to her apartment, in the end, the girl decided to keep the floor for herself. Anna also has a dog. In the process of training the dog, the girl began to notice that the cat was repeating after them. The cat began to imitate the dog in everything. It quickly mastered a reliable memory, obeyed orders, and even learned to give five. Then, when they later moved to the countryside, the cat also started walking with Anna and the dog.

Tips of Teaching Cats Tricks

Teaching kittens tricks are easier than an adult cat. In the second case, you just need more time. The suitable age for training a kitten is 6 – 8 months. You need to train your pet 1 – 3 times a day, no more. Each approach should not take more than 5 minutes. If the cat does not respond to commands, do not force or scold. Take a break and start over after a while. Other kitten training tips are for treats, choose a treat that is different from your pet’s usual diet. If you are feeding dry food, give wet food and vice versa. Your pet must want to eat this treat. It is necessary to give a treat when training cats at the moment when the exercise is completed. The yummy should already be ready. If you hesitate and treat your pet in a minute, the animal will not understand that it was given a treat for the performed trick. Training should be done before the main meal. In addition to treats, do not forget to pet the cat, scratch behind the ear, and praise it. After your cat learns to quickly execute this or that command, begin to wean the animal from the treat. Give a treat, not for every trick but two or three performed in a row. Then, instead of treats, you can simply pet and praise the cat. It is just one of the ways to train a cat, you can use another. For example, clicker training. You need to click on the clicker and give the cat a treat. Wait until it eats, look at the owner, and then click again and treat again. You need to click on the clicker and give the cat a treat. Wait until it eats, and then “click” again and treat again. Immediately repeat the pattern: click – treat. Repeat the exercise several times and stop as soon as the animal loses interest.

What Tricks Can You Teach a Cat?

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We have prepared a list of cat tricks that your cat will like to do. However, do not be discouraged if some trick does not work out for your pet. The animal will learn at least three of them.

Give a Paw

Put the treat on your palm, bring it to the pet and wait for the kitty to put its paw on your hand as if asking for a treat. If it will not reach for a treat, show yourself what needs to be done, then praise it. Let a cat eat the treat and stroke it. The next time a pet starts to raise its paw at the sight of a treat in its palm, say the command “give paw.” Repeat this 5-7 times, then take a break.


It is one of the things to teach your cat. When the cat is spinning next to you, press gently on the croup, and at the moment when it starts to sit down, give the command to “sit”. After making the request, you can click with two fingers to get the animal’s attention. Dog breeders at this moment raise their index fingers. The click must be played after each command so that the cat responds exactly to it.


The command needs to be learned when the kitty is lying. With one hand, start stroking the fluffy, gently pressing on his back, not letting him get up. Hold the treat with your other hand, gradually moving it away from the muzzle. The cat, unable to get up, will reach forward for the treat, pulling up on its claws.

Bring It to Me

You can teach this one of the amazing cat tricks if it is playful and loves to wear some things and toys. The next time you throw a ball, a bow, or a mouse to your kitty, and it brings it to you, give a pet a treat for this. If dropped on the way, don’t give anything. Repeat the exercise several times in a row, accompanying the throw with the vocal command. Do not spend more than 3 – 5 minutes on the exercise, otherwise, the pet will quickly get tired of it. Give tasty treats only when your pet does everything right. And don’t expect quick results.

Come to Me

First, figure out how you will call a pet to you. It can be “kitty-kitty” or some other expression. For the first time, beckon to your cat by picking up its favorite toy or treat. You need to lure the pet with a treat before eating, 15 minutes before feeding when the cat is already hungry. As soon as it approaches you, reward it with a treat and pet. As soon as the animal begins to approach you from small distances, start increasing them. Repeat the exercises in different rooms two to three times a day. This command will help to learn other cool cat tricks.


Among tricks for cats, it is not so popular but fun. If you have an adult cat, a small hoop will work for this exercise. If you have a kitten, you can use a large hoop. Place them in front of the kitty, and on the other hand, entice it with a treat. As soon as the animal steps over the circle, reward it. In a few days, when the cat understands what you want from it and will do everything right, start gradually, literally a couple of centimeters, to raise the hoop so that the kitten makes a jump. Accompany the exercise with the “up” or “jump” command.


It is popular among other tricks to train your cat. Practice this command before eating by teasing the cat with a treat. Take a treat, bring it to your face so that your pet smells it, and raise it higher. Wait for the pet to make different sounds, demanding food. When you hear a distinct “meow”, let it gobble up the treat.

We hope that these easy tricks to teach your cat are useful for you. We are waiting for your comments. Please, if you try to teach some tricks, don’t forget to make a video and tag our page on Instagram. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon!

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