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Types of Cat’s Aggression

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Cats are very nice creatures, no one would argue with this statement. But, unfortunately, in one moment cats’ owners have to face the aggression of their pets: they start to bite, scratch, and attack. Cat bites are very unpleasant, take a long time to heal, and can cause severe infection due to the germs in the cat’s mouth. Obviously, such behavior is unacceptable and dangerous for both the cat and its owner. Although there seems to be no reason for that. Why does the cat bite? Let’s explore together.

Here are some reasons why cats become aggressive and how to handle each.

Reasons for Aggression

agressive cat
  • They are in pain.It’s a very common reason (protective reaction). Your pet wants to bite you and get angry when you want to pet or take him for a sore spot is a sign that it’s time to visit a veterinarian.
  • Fear and stress. Yes, cats can suffer from post-traumatic stress like a human. Cats that have been traumatized by unhealthy environments: shelters, overcrowded catteries, cages; have been subjected to violence and aggression by other animals or people, can sometimes attack their owners aggressively.
  • Street fights. Your catfights on the street – a normal behavior of neutered street cats. Catfights occur at lightning speed: cats find out about the territory, about food and beautiful ladies.
  • Instincts. Sometimes cats get too excited about playing, and then their innate animal instincts wake up.
  • She is a mother. In this situation “aggression” it’s a normal mother’s reaction, she wants to protect her kids from danger. Some mother-cats consider a certain territory as their property and will physically assert their domination over it.
  • Unknown scents. Also, irritate your cat and give her or him a sense of fear. But because an imaginary enemy doesn’t appear on the horizon, the cat will attack the nearest victim – its owner.

Remember, don’t punish or yell at your pets, if they bit in this situation! When a cat feels safe, it will calm down.

General Recommendations for Changing Aggressive Cat Behavior

why the cat can be aggressive
  • You should avoid situations that scare your cat.
  • Try “to read” and understand the signs your cat sends to you (pounding his tail, pressing his ears, lowering his head, growling, etc.).
  • When a cat is aggressive, it should stay alone and been rewarded for good behavior.
  • When the cat gives signals of aggression, it should be allowed to leave without paying attention until the cat’s behavior changes.
  • When cats are fighting among themselves it is important to separate them and keep the aggressive cat in a less pleasant place.

You should work with your kitten from a tender age. Socialize it, teach it to live in a big world where she/he will have to interact with other people and animals. Caring for your kitten is your main preventative measure!

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