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Unhealthy Products for Cats

Aug.17.2020 240
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We are very generous to our pets. Cats stand near us and watch us eat very often. They look so hungry that we understand that we need to share the food with them right now.

There are foods from our table that cats should not eat. We will talk about it in the current article.

The general recommendations of veterinary about cat nutrition are not to mix natural foods (which you have prepared or bought yourself) and dry (wet) food for cats. This hybrid meal is not suitable for cats because the stomach of these animals produces various types of digestive enzymes for different products. Cats may have problems with their gastrointestinal tract later. We will start with the foods that your kitten cannot eat because diets are different for adults and small cats.

  • Fish and seafood. And it does not matter if it is flash water fish or kinds of seafood. You can give them only boiled fish and make sure that there are no bones in it. And if you decide to feed your kitten seafood, do it 2-3 times a week, no more.
  • Milk. The cow milk that has a high-fat content is not suitable for a small kitten’s stomach, it may not be able to digest these products. Goat milk or special milk substitutes can purchase in veterinary stores – this is a valid alternative. Other dairy products can be given but only with low or zero fattiness.
can cats drink milk

Variety is the most important rule in kitten nutrition. Don’t feed your little kitten just with meat – it will not get all the needed macro and micronutrients.

Top 13 Forbidden Foods for Adult Cats

  1. Milk. Lactose intolerance does exist in the cat world. And the older a cat gets, the more likely its stomach will not be able to process the milk of other animals. What about cheese or cottage cheese? Of course, your cat can eat cheese if it wants. Offer him a little piece no more (and not often than 1-2 times of the year).
  2. Liver. The first reason not to feed your cat with the liver is a risk of getting worms and larvae of other parasites. The second reason is vitamin A which contains in the liver. Large amounts of Vitamin A can cause osteoporosis in the cat body.
  3. Raw chicken and pork meat. It’s is best to freeze the meat and thermally process it before the feeding.
  4. Canned and river fish. Canned fish has a lot of fatty oil that is harmful to the digestive system of a cat. And there are a lot of different parasites in river fish.
  5. Animal and bird bones (if your cat eats a bone with a sharp end, it can injure your esophagus of a cat).
  6. Fatty meat and dairy products with a high percentage of fat. For the same reason as kittens.
  7. Raw chicken eggs (except quail eggs) can infect the cat with Salmonellosis or Escherichia coli.
  8. Flour products that contain yeast. The dough products may stretch the stomach and cause pain sensations.
  9. Caffeine. This psychostimulant is in coffee, tea, and cocoa. This substance accelerates the heartbeat and the breathing rate. A cat’s heart may stop in most cases.
  10. All food, that contains sugar (candy, cookies, chocolate). Your cat has a risk of developing diabetes or obesity by consuming these products.
  11. Mushrooms are very toxic for cats and affect their liver.
  12. Alcohol. We’re not sure if you’ve ever considered discussing your plans for life with a glass of wine with your fluffy friend. These drinks are dangerous for any animal.
  13. Nuts contain a lot of fat and calories that can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Foods That Can Appear in the Cat’s Diet Not Very Often

  • Broccoli.
  • A small piece of avocado pulp will not harm your cat.
  • Potatoes.

Simple Rules That Will Help Protect Your Cat From Unnecessary Digestive Problems

  • don’t feed your cat with food or leftovers from the table;
  • to restrict the access for the cat to the improper food (put it where it can’t get to).
  • make sure the pet can not get the trash out of the bin.

We understand your desire to give your pet all the best. But your love is not contained in a bar of chocolate. Just mind what you and your little friend eats.

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