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Veterinarian Day: Join the Celebration on April 24th Even If You Are Not a Veterinarian

Apr.23.2021 196
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Veterinarian Day will be held very soon. And due to the difficult situation in the world, this year the topic is Veterinarian response to the COVID-19 crisis. However, let’s find out if this is a holiday or a series of events for veterinarians. Or maybe both?

What is World Veterinary Day?

This event takes place every year on the last Saturday of April. This year it is April 24th. It can be described as a professional holiday for veterinarians. The main goal of which is to tell the whole world about the valuable contribution of every veterinarian in saving the lives of animals. This is not only a recognition of the profession but also a way to say thank you for their valuable job. Every year on this day, special events are held in veterinary schools and hospitals. And also competitions, it’s not for nothing that the theme of the holiday is different every year. However, more on that later.

How to Join the Celebration of Vet Day?

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April 24, 2021, for veterinarians, is not only a reason to get together with colleagues and celebrate the day of their profession. It’s also a day of opportunity. For example:

  • You can attend different seminars on the subject of the event and learn something new.
  • This is a great opportunity to share your experience and learn from someone else’s.
  • At the festival, a prize for a scholarship, a reward for the best veterinarians, funding for other events, and more are raffled off. The sum of the reward is $ 3500.
  • You will be able to popularize the veterinary profession among young people.

If you are not a veterinarian, but you have a pet (a cat as an example), then do not stand aside. You can also join the holiday. For example:

  • Present your veterinarian with a card and thank you for his work.
  • Post a photo of your cat on social networks and write a few nice words from the veterinarian. After all, when the profession is appreciated and respected, it is always pleasant.

Write in the comments if you have any ideas on how else you can celebrate April 24th. Happy Veterinary Day to everyone!

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