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Hidden Litter Box Ideas: How Not to Spoil the Interior with a Litter Box

Sep.03.2021 164
how to hide cat litter box

If you have a cat living in your home, then the litter box is one of the first things you should think about, because you definitely would not allow your pet to mark the territory in different corners. However, sometimes such a necessary thing can spoil your interior or interfere with your pet’s privacy. You don’t need to endure it, because nowadays there are many solutions that keep everyone satisfied. For example, you can train the cat to go to the toilet. But today we want to offer a more interesting option. Creative and clever ideas on how to hide a cat litter box would help you with this. Of course, you need to spend your time, imagination and a little money on this, but the result would please you. Already on fire with this idea? Then be sure to read the article to the end!

Where to Hide Litter Box?

The litter box can be hidden in the most unexpected places and from the outside, it would look like an interesting design idea. Your guests may not even understand what it really is or admire your creativity and intelligence. Let us suggest some cool options.

Creative Ways to Hide Cat Litter Box

Creative Ways to Hide Cat Litter Box
  • You don’t have to buy or change your furniture in any way. You can place the tray under the table and cover it with curtains (if you want to). However, first you must be convinced your pet would be able to find where to relieve itself. This would give your cat a sense of privacy, so don’t be surprised if it spends more time under the table. By the way, not every table may suit you. It is best to choose a tall one so as not to create too tight a space. Your cat may be afraid of it.
  • Ways to hide a cat litter box, which are completely simple and not difficult to execute, are sometimes the best option. Buy some wooden pallets. They are easily customizable to suit your interior and litter box with a filler and are cheap and easy to assemble. You can decorate it however you like. Your pet would surely appreciate such an interesting place.
  • Putting a litter box on top of your cabinet might be the best way to hide a cat litter box for you. One reason is that the top entry makes it unlikely that debris would be found outside it. You can add small steps for the cat to climb up. It can also be fun for your pet. 
  • Choose a suitable ottoman by design, cut out the entrance for the pet on the right or left, and install the tray inside. The cat would be comfortable, and it would be pleasant for you to sit down on such an ottoman after a hard day to take off your shoes.
  • You can try disguising the tray as an artificial plant pot. And no one from the outside would be able to understand something until they come closer.

Clever Ways to Hide a Litter Box

Clever Ways to Hide a Litter Box
  • If you have a small closet that you don’t use, you can think of another use for it. Put a tray in there and cut a hole, so your cat can get there without any problems. This is a great option and would also save you bad odor. Plus, a closet is much easier to match to your home decor than a litter, isn’t it?
  • Why not make for your cat a cool house to match the interior style and use the litter box there? Last year, it was one of the most popular hidden litter box ideas. You can put it just under the litter box or leave some space inside for the cat to rest. However, do not forget to clean it periodically. Otherwise, it would be unpleasant for your cat to stay there. If you Google it, you could find many pictures of this idea.
  • You can add additional functions to your furniture. The main condition is the presence of a large internal space. Remove any extra drawers in the closet and install the door so that it is always open. Furniture in which the door opens from top to bottom is best suited for this idea. However, a good foreman can install it for you as well. Here, unlike in the two previous methods, it is unnecessary to take out the hiding litter box.
  • You don’t have to buy a tray. You can make one yourself. You would need a standard size urn and cut on one side for your pet to be comfortable. This is a great idea if you notice your cat’s interest in trash cans. You can put this in a practical closet, so it doesn’t really stand out from the interior.

There are many places to hide cat litter boxes. And they all have their own advantages. Remember that if you have more than one pet, then you need to make several trays and not put them nearby. Otherwise, the more dominant pet would not allow the other to come to the litter box. Of course, we cannot fit all places into one article. However, we hope that something from our list attracted you or inspired you to come up with a new creative idea. If so, let us know in the comments. Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Stay tuned for more.

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