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We All Need Something To Care About

Jul.24.2020 173
adopt a cat instead of buying

How many times do you think about the purchase of a cat? Nowadays, on the internet, on different sites, you can see a variety of the most beautiful and exotic breeds of kittens, and of course, it’s not a cheap caprice. Do you know that purebred cats must meet certain characteristics of the breed to prove their pedigree? Selective breeding for these traits has caused many breeds of cats to develop genetic health problems. For example, all long haired cats will require extra grooming from their owners to keep their fur from matting. Munchkin or dwarf cats can have mobility problems due to their size, etc. As a result, no one needs such cats. They are simply thrown or killed.

Pet statistics – 6,5 million companion animals enter animal shelters every year.

In 2002 Deutschland became the first European country, which enshrined animal protection at the constitutional level. The Germans often buy animals at the shelters, and the money raised in this way goes to keep other animals.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland – it’s a country, where the rights and wellbeing of animals are reviewed under the special control of the public organization.

Riga, Latvia – well-known in the world, like “city of cats”. However, the city has implemented a program “Catch – sterilize-release”, which to stop the uncontrolled reproduction of stray cats. By the initiative of Bridget Bardot fund. It has already functioned for 8 years in Riga. Also, citizens have to pay a do homage – 250 EUR, for causing damage and dreadful maintenance.

take a cat from the shelter

The French very often keep cats (9.5 million) because it’s trendy, fashionable, and stylish. By the way, pets must be registered in the database together with the owners.

Fortunately, there are some kind-hearted and not indifferent people, who create charitable foundations and shelters for homeless cats. At the call of their heart, they search for a building, funds for treatment, and equipment. It’s also not a cheap thing and procedure. A lot of people in social networks can see the result of their works, achievements, and support in different ways: to bring unnecessary clothes, cells, toys, plaids, etc. Also, willing people donut them on occasion. Together we can do a lot of useful things, don’t forget about that.

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