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Wet or Dry Cat Food? Another Important Issue

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You could say that in today’s world, people have invented everything they can for the nutrition, care and maintenance of pets. You can find everything for keeping cats or dogs on any budget on the shelves of supermarkets or veterinary stores.

Cat food is replete with colorful packages and a variety of contents. Some manufacturers are attracted by modern package design, while others emphasize the taste and health benefits of the product.

But all the same, there is a standard set of food for any domestic cat – a dry and wet food. Unless, of course, you choose a raw diet for your pet (meat, vegetable purees, porridges and other by-products).

It seems that every cat owner has a special place in the fridge where we can find wet and dry food. This tandem is the food base for many cats. Dry food is present in a pet’s bowl almost always (especially when owners are at work, or temporarily absent). Wet food, many use as a treat and encouragement. Many will attest that their cats are crazy about homemade jelly chicken or canned food from Sheba.

Today we are going to answer the big question – which is better for cats wet or dry food?

What’s Your Choice? Wet or Dry Cat Food

is wet or dry food better for cats

We want to stress right away that it does not really matter what type of food you choose (wet food or dry food for kittens). It is much more important to pay attention and read what is in these packages and read the contents of the product.

Feeding cat wet and dry food – which is better? To understand is wet or dry food better for cats, we need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one separately.

Dry vs Wet Cat Food: Pros and Cons

is wet cat food better than dry

The main difference between dry and wet food is its aggregate state. Dry food is a combined and dried mixture of ingredients that have a longer shelf life and do not require special conditions.

Wet food is more finicky in that it requires special packaging (foil package or tin can). But the composition is the same ingredients but not dried and heat treated.

Wet vs Dry Food for Cats (Advantages of Dry Food)

  • the most important thing is the long shelf life in both the cat bowl and the original packaging;
  • dry food is more practical to clean up (if your cat spills dry food around the bowl, it’s easier to clean up than wet food, which can stick and dry up on the surface);
  • dry food has a solid structure, and therefore the cat has the opportunity to train the jaw muscles + this food is excellent prevention and a kind of brushing teeth;
  • solid food is not only better to store but also more economical to use (dry food is a concentrate, so it needs not so much to saturate).

Now About Wet Cat Food

  • wet cat food is more practical and easy to use thanks to portioned bags (you can just drop the contents of the bag into your pet’s bowl);
  • it tastes and smells better (your cat likes it better than the dry food);
  • wet food, of course, has water, so you don’t have to worry about your pet missing his daily quota of fluids;
  • this type of food is more suitable for small pets and overweight pets.

Is Wet Cat Food Better Than Dry? Final Verdict

should cats eat wet or dry food

It is generally difficult to give a definitive answer to this question, since there is no general consensus.

But still, most people agree that the diet of the pets should be varied, that is, both dry and wet food must be present.

If you spoil your cat very much with wet food, it is not very good encouragement. Because solid food is essential for such predators to train their jaw muscles. Otherwise, your pet may have various problems related to teeth.

If you are the owner who has decided to combine two types of food, it is better to choose different feeding hours for dry and wet food.

Because they have different calories and it is difficult for you to calculate the right dosage so that your cat will not have problems with excess weight in the future.

You can roughly calculate the correct dosage with the following 60/40 (dry/wet) ratio. Remember, no matter how much you love your pet, solid food should prevail and be a priority.

Therefore, only you decide should cats eat wet or dry food. But we’ll tell you a few more things to look out for.

First, look for maximum protein and taurine in any food. Carbohydrates are necessary for cats but not in large quantities. And it should not be cheap filler but quality and healthy cereals.

Secondly, it is important to consider factors such as age, weight, activity level and health of the pet!

What your pet eats affects his health and appearance. So be vigilant!

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