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What Is a Tabby Cat: The Most Popular Types, Breeds, and Temperament of It

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Each of us is unique and animals are no exception. Rare eye color, for example, blue, unusual resemblance to werewolves, and others make cats unusual. Also, each breed has its specific color but have you noticed that different types of tabby cats are of different breeds? This is a little confusing, so our article will help you. Let’s find out what this means and which of the “minke whales” exist in the world.

What Is a Tabby Cat?

Tabby is not a breed but a color of a cat. The breeds of striped pets are different. You already know about leopard cats and those who have beautiful divorces of the color palette. For the formation of such an unusual pattern on the coat in cats, special genes of the T group are responsible, which all representatives of the feline world have. Their peculiarity is that they are activated only when interacting with gene A. This provokes the formation of tabby cat coloring on individual hairs or the entire area of the coat.

Now it is time to know more about classic tabby cat markings. It is believed that all cats are tabby. However, visually it is noticeable on those who have tabby cat colors. These work like camouflage as they hide in tall grass, waiting for their unsuspecting prey. However, if you look at the fur of a cat for a long time in the sun, you can notice small changes.

What Does a Tabby Cat Look Like?

Among the main tabby cat patterns, the following types should be distinguished as the most common::

  • brindle (mackerel): narrow lines predominate, resembling the ribs of a fish skeleton, on the legs and tail they appear as peculiar narrow bracelets, and on the neck and chest – necklaces;
  • marbled (classic): there are dense, large curls and continuous lines throughout the body; at the same time, those that go from the back of the head to the shoulders resemble a butterfly in their shape. And one or more rings on the classic tabby cat are often called an “eye” or “rosette”;
  • spotted: spots of different shapes and sizes are located on the body. “Broken” version (common name for those drawings) of the brindle or classic tabby because of the supposedly breaking off stripes and curls;
  • ticked: marks appear on the limbs, not just on the trunk, and each hair can be dyed simultaneously in different colors.

Then, you know the types of a tabby cat in general, now it is time to know more about other characteristics

The Temperament of Kinds of Tabby Cats

There is a theory that the character of a cat is determined not only by heredity and master’s upbringing but also by its external color. For example, specialists working at animal shelters say that tortoiseshell cats have a complex disposition and temperament, are fidgety and hardly obey anyone. The presence of white gives a “calming effect”, and ginger tabby cats are the most energetic and interesting in their behavior, but sometimes arrogant and hot-tempered. Walking away from wild cats has its own imprint on pets. They are excellent mouse hunters, rarely suffer from hereditary diseases or allergic reactions, low levels of allergenicity, and therefore invariably show agility and activity. They are also very playful and affectionate with all family members.

Tabby Cat Breeds

classic tabby

Today, there are a lot of different kinds of tabby cats that have a mandatory or possible “personal” tabby pattern. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. The Asian Tabby is a truly magnificent variety of the Asian cat breed group that was created from the Burmilla and Persian Chinchilla mating in England in the 1980s.
  2. The American Bobtail is a short-tailed cat of unusual appearance, the breed of which was bred in the 1960s in the USA, the state of Southern Arizona, thanks to the stray kitten Yodi with the same distinctive feature – a short tail.
  3. Cymric is a generally tailless cat breed, bred in the 16th century on the Isle of Man as a result of crossing the Norwegian Longhair Forest cat with an unknown breed of tailless cats. This breed is also called the Welsh cat.
  4. The Norwegian Forest Cat was first mentioned back in 1599 as a permanent resident of farms in Norwegian villages. However, the breed was officially registered only in 1977.
  5. The Asiatic Golden Cat, or Temmincka, is a wild animal that is not allowed to be kept at home. It looks like a puma but differs in size and color. To create a domesticated copy of this cat, a variety of Asian tabby golden colors was invented.
  6. Soukoku is a cat breed first discovered in Kenya on coconut plantations and is named after one of the districts of the same name. The breed is distinguished by a small head and large eyes.

Interesting Signs about Tabby Cats!

For a long time, tabby cats have been believed to bring luck, success, and wealth. Unlike black, if a tabby cat crosses your way, expect a change in life. If the cat is washing, then expect guests. And if the cat sneezed next to it – to a toothache. If the pet licks the coat against its growth, it will rain.

To believe in signs or not, is a personal matter for each of us. But why would you believe only in the positive? Perhaps it will attract good luck, who knows? What color is your cat and have you seen a tabby cat? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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