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What Is Strabismus in Cats and Everything About Its Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Strabismus in Cats

When we notice something unusual about our pet. Without a doubt, we start to get nervous and sometimes panic. This behavior is not always justified, especially if you do not understand what is going on. For example, if you catch yourself thinking: “my cat’s eyes look different”, first of all, find out what it is and why it is so, and do not attribute serious illnesses to your pet. Surely you have heard about strabismus but did not think that such a disease exists in cats. In our article, you will find out everything that you need to know about the cat with a lazy eye.

Eyes Pointing in Different Directions in Cat

The displacement of one eye to the other is called strabismus. This is a fairly common disease in cats, but in most cases, it is not dangerous. Strabismus can be either in one eye or in two. If your cat cross-eyed from birth, it will easily adapt to its problem.

In case of strabismus in an adult cat, we recommend you contact a veterinarian, as this can cause other diseases. Strabismus in cats indeed has some minor limitations, such as problems with the ability to focus, but this does not make your pet different. Some people believe that a cat with a lazy eye is not playful. We want to assure you that playfulness and affection towards the owner depending on the cat’s temperament, and not on physical deviations.

What Do You Need To Know About Strabismus in Cats?

cross-eyed cat causes

If you are asking yourself: “Why is my cat cross-eyed?” Then it’s time to figure it out. Since we already know what strabismus is, it will be easier to understand the symptoms and identify the causes. And only after that, to understand whether your cat needs treatment. If so, what is needed for this?

Cross-Eyed Cat: Causes

  • The simplest reason you might have already guessed it if the cat was born cross-eyed. Most often it occurs in Siamese cats, but we will discuss the causes of this disease in this breed a little later.
  • Strabismus can occur in an adult cat due to Hydrocephalus. This means an increase in the volume of fluid in the brain.
  • Leukemia virus, cancer of the brain, or inflammation due to infection can cause strabismus.

What Are the Symptoms of Strabismus in Cats?

  • Strabismus symptoms can be identified by the behavior of your pet. If the cat has problems with coordination, for example, it cannot determine the distance while jumping or is looking for a toe with water or food for a long time, then these are the first signs of strabismus.
  • To visually determine the symptoms of strabismus, take a close look at the cat. If you notice uncoordinated eye movement or it just seems to you that the cat’s gaze has changed, you should not let it go by chance.

Seek medical attention immediately if you experience behavioral or visual symptoms of strabismus in cats.

Do Cross-Eyed Cats See Normally?

Strabismus in cats does not affect the quality of its life, especially, if it is congenital strabismus. Indeed, this causes some difficulties, but do not forget that cats orientate perfectly by scent. Just google and you will find a lot of stories where cross-eyed cats and even blind cats are no different from others.

Do Siamese Cats Have Crossed-Eyes?

my cat’s eyes look differen

It is among the Siamese breed that crossed-eyes cats are most often found. This has long been their feature. Not all cats of this breed have this defect. But you need to be prepared that it may appear not from birth, but a little later. If strabismus in other breeds can be called a disease due to the likelihood of developing additional diseases, then in the Siamese breed this defect is not a threat to your pet.

Why Are Siamese Cats Cross-Eyed?

Siamese cats have the albino gene, which is one of the reasons for their cross-eyed. This genetic flaw due to genetic disruption of neurological wiring is the cause of other eye problems too. Don’t try to fix your cat’s strabismus if he adapts perfectly. It feels perfectly natural to Siamese cats.

Strabismus in Cats: Treating

Never begin treatment for strabismus unless your veterinarian has diagnosed and prescribed appropriate treatment. Your homemade treatment can only hurt. Treatment can be medication or surgery. We will not recommend any treatment to you, since each case is individual and only a veterinarian is competent in this matter. However, it is still possible to cure strabismus in cats. If somebody’s cat had strabismus, you can share the story of its treatment.

Remember! Strabismus in Siamese cats is not cured. It is a genetic problem. We hope that if you meet strabismus in cats, you will not be afraid, and build the plan of your future steps in your head. In our article, we tried to explain to you what strabismus is and that a cat with a lazy eye is not a sentence for a pet. Thank you for reading the article to the end. On the pages of our blog, you will find a lot of useful and interesting information!

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