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What Is the Right Way To Stroke a Cat?

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We don’t remember when, but at some time people decided that cats like to be touched. Perhaps, our ancestors just wanted to touch the fluffy coat of these beautiful animals. And when they first touched the fluffy animals, they liked it so much that it was almost impossible to stop.

There is probably no data that would accurately answer this question. But we assure you that the poor moggy has probably always tolerated our bouts of affection, and as usual they can’t verbally tell or complain about it.

Cold and Feline Math

There are more realistic people who have accepted the fact that perhaps cats are just sucking up because we are primarily a source of food and treats for them.

And it makes sense that they would communicate with us because humans are a very profitable and easy way to get what they want without much effort.

Besides, we decided to surprise you and say that it’s time to leave the cats alone. Here are some confirmed facts published by researchers of cat behavior.

So, What Do Cats Like and Why Shouldn’t They Be Touched?

how to stroke a cat

It is already clear to everyone that no matter how we don’t ask the animals to talk to us, they continue to communicate only among themselves. Therefore, we have nothing to do but watch the reaction of our pet and its fluffy body language.

As it turns out, all gestures and movements of all body parts are quite eloquent, we just think more about how we would like it.

A researcher from Nottingham Trent University said that unlike humans, cats are not social creatures that don’t need tactile interaction with people.

It may seem strange, but if a cat comes to you and rubs your leg/hand, it is not a green light for mutual stroking and caressing.

To Stroke or Not To Stroke, That Is the Question

stroke or not

Of course, some cats are happy to give you their bodies and show you how they are ready for a tactile dialog.

But most often it concerns those pets who have had a positive experience of “communicating” with people in the most sensual and early period of their life.

If you and your kitten (in the period from 2 to 8 weeks after birth) had a connection and surrounded him with care, affection, and attention, then most likely you will have a mutual desire for similar therapy and healing with love in the future.

“Red” and “Green” Zones

when shall i touch my cat

First, let’s tell you about the cat’s belly. It would seem to be the biggest and sweetest part that you just want to squeeze and stroke. But be careful, unless your cat comes along and gives you that part of his body.

You see, historically, that the cat’s belly is the most vulnerable part of the body. It is in the stomach that all the most vital organs are located, so it is not strange that cats hide it and get annoyed when you touch it.

Their muzzle is the “greenest” part of the cat’s body, namely their chin, cheeks, and ears. All this is due to the fact that there are many skin glands that produce a specific smell that they use to mark their territory/objects.

So, Our Final Feline Warning, if You See Your Cat

  • nervously twitching his tail from side to side or is in a horizontal position;
  • pressing his ears down, or they are just in a different position and not “looking” straight ahead;
  • abruptly starts licking where you have to stroke or turns his head in your direction;
  • twitches the skin/coat while being stroked;
  • stops purring and walk away from you.

Stroke the cat when it takes the initiative, then you have a better chance of pleasing reciprocation.

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