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What Is the Werewolf Cat Breed and What Characteristics Differ From Others

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Today we will tell you about the new cat breed werewolf. You may have already heard about it. However, do you want to satisfy your curiosity and find out how this breed appeared and what are its characteristics? Get ready for exciting reading, it will be interesting for you!

What Is a Lykoi Cat?

Due to the natural mutation of the coat of the domestic shorthair cat, the werewolf cat breed appeared. This mutation gives the animal an appearance similar to that of a werewolf from European mythology. This mutation has occurred in domestic cats over the past 20 years, was recorded in America in 2010 in the state of Virginia. Since domestic mongrel cats participated in the origin of the lykoi cat breed, there was no need to use purebred cats in primary breeding. In the future, participation in the breeding of short-haired cats was minimized, trying to use existing cats that meet the standard of the new breed to obtain a new population. Breeders have focused on getting only black cats that carry the lykoi gene. In 2012, a breed standard was developed, which was adopted by the international felinological federation TICA. An interesting feature of cats of this breed is that the amount of hair on them may depend on the season.

Characteristics of the Lykoi Werewolf Cat

werewolf cat breed

This breed is known and unusual for being a partially hairless cat. Eyes, ears, and nose are completely devoid of hair. As for the coat on other parts of the body, it depends on the crossing. There are more hairless cats. And sometimes with a thick coat, except for those areas that are always naked. The most common color is black but dark gray is also possible.

Features of the Cat’s Coat

At the University of Tennessee, dermatologists examined them for skin abnormalities. Since there were suspicions that the peculiar structure of the coat is the cause of the disease. Doctors have discovered that cats lack some of the necessary hair follicles for hair growth. This is precisely the reason for the lack of an undercoat. And these cats shed due to a lack of balance of components to support their growth. The climatic regime influences the woolen cover. Don’t be surprised, but these cats can even sunbathe. The skin of cats of this breed sweats, so it is necessary to regularly bathe the animal, and remove greasy sweat as needed with napkins or a clean soft cloth. By the way, Lykoi cat hypoallergenic, so this is great for allergy sufferers. However, consult your doctor anyway.

The Temperament of the Lykoi Cat

This cat breed has a developed hunter instinct. Despite their caution, cats easily find a common language with people and other pets. Even a friendly character does not dispose of frequent caresses. The werewolf cat is very active and needs space for frequent play. If you want to train a cat of this breed, then you need to be patient. Most of all, these cats love to go about their business. For example, play with their favorite toys, hunt small rodents, or run. However, if you show your character and that you are the main one, then it is possible to accustom the cat to obedience. Breeders are sure that after a few generations these cats will become more affectionate. And now their “wildness” is explained by the fact that the breed is about 20 years old.

Lykoi cat breed is the best choice for lovers of unusual breeds and those who like the werewolf theme. Now you know that there are cats that are similar not only to wild cats but also to wolves. We hope you found it interesting to read our article. Stay with us, we have more to share with you. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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