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What Scents Cats Do Not Like

Jul.17.2020 217
the smells that cats don't like

Cat’s sense of smell is considered as one of the strongest among all pets. But some smells can cause discomfort for your favorite whisker pet. It is very important to know which smells cats do not like to not traumatize your pet because his sense of smell is way stronger than ours.

Surprising Smells Cats Hate

  • All citrus things you may have in your house. Oranges, lemons, limes, and pomelos can cause a strong discomfort for your pet and even pain. Even peels from citrus fruits will force your whisker pet to run to another room immediately.
  • Perfumes. Toilet water, colognes, deodorants, shampoos, shower gels, hair masks, and perfumes are unpleasant for cats.
  • Hairspray and fingernail polish consist of chemicals and hazardous elements that cats do not like for sure.
  • Paints and varnishes are strongly repellent for cats. You can repaint a certain place in your house if you don’t want your cat to mark it.
  • All types of essential oils disgust cats.
  • Onions. Just like some people, some cats don’t like the taste and smell of onions. They can even refuse to eat the food from the master’s table which includes onions.
  • Garlic has a strong and sharp scent which cats don’t like because of their keen sense of smell.
  • Almost all spices disgust cats.
  • Natural coffee, vinegar, plastic, alcohol, naphthalene, gas, cigarettes, medicines, and household cleaning supplies are unpleasant for cats too.

It is hard to calculate all the unpleasant scents for cats because their sense of smell is extremely sensitive and they perceive a lot from the environment with the smells.

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