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What Should You Know About Nail Caps for Cats Before Buying and Using Them?

Mar.26.2021 306
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Despite all the stories that cats are more independent and less loyal than dogs, it is foolish to say that cats do not love their owners. However, this love manifests itself in different ways and sometimes not in the most pleasant way. When a cat scratches you, this does not always mean a manifestation of aggression, most likely it wants to show that in a playful mood, or vice versa, it wants to rest, but you do not give it. There are ways to protect yourself and today we want to talk about the nail caps for cats.

Cat Claw Caps: Reviews of the Top 3

If you do not want to remove claws from your cat, then using special caps is one of the best options. These caps follow the shape of the claw and fall off when the claws grow back. Let’s take a look at the reviews of the top 3 covers for cat claws.

  1. Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats. The owners who bought this for their cat do not agree that the cat claw caps cruel but they are not happy that sometimes the process of getting used to wearing it can take a long time. Since at first the cats constantly take them off and have to be replaced with new ones.
  2. Kitty Caps Cat Nail Caps. Owners with allergic cats say these are safe. More than 90% of buyers were happy to buy these nail guards for cats.
  3. Soft Claws Nail Caps for Kittens. Many buyers complained that these caps are not comfortable to wear, but those who coped with this task were satisfied.

Are nail caps safe for cats? The answer to this question is not so simple. Positive reviews are great, but we cannot be sure that some of them are not fake. Therefore, below we have to find out not only whether they are safe but do cat claw caps work?

Cat Nail Caps: Pros and Cons of Using Them

cat claw caps cruel

Any tool has its positive and negative aspects. Nail caps for cats are no exception. Are claw caps bad for cats? After all, the purpose and method of use must bring only benefit, and no harm to your cat. Let’s decide after we get to know the pros and cons.

Pros of Using Nail Caps for Cats

  • Now your cat will not be able to scratch you. Also, if you have children, then playing with the cat will become safer. Besides, cats often like to scratch furniture, and they certainly do not think that it can be expensive and that they spoil it. Therefore, such caps will also save your furniture from destruction.
  • Do claw caps hurt cats? No, they do not. The only thing your cat may experience is a little discomfort until it gets used to it. After all, if you put something similar on your nails, you will also be afraid of unusual sensations, right? Do not swear or get angry if your cat takes off the claw caps, just be persistent and over time it will become a habit to wear them.
  • It is safer than clawing and even clipping. In the first case, you permanently deprive your cat of means of protection, and in the second, you add unnecessary stress to yourself and the cat. After all, it is much easier to accustom a cat to caps than to make him fall in love with clipping.

Cons of Using Nail Caps for Cats

  • The true purpose of use has been lost. There are many caps in different shapes and colors on the market now. Cat owners complain that it has become increasingly difficult to find practical claw caps. And all because manufacturers began to pay attention to consumers who buy nail caps for cats to decorate the nails of their beloved pet and brag on Facebook or Instagram.
  • If your cat can go outside, then using nail caps is foolish and irresponsible, because this way your cat will not be able to protect itself and its territory from other cats and dogs. If you still fear being scratched, be sure to remove the caps before going outside.
  • Since consumers did not read the instructions carefully and did not properly attach the nail caps, the removal process can be painful for your cat. We do not mean removing the caps 10 minutes after you put them on, but for example, after a week, when they need to be replaced.

Our goal was to familiarize you with the main pros and cons of using nail caps for cats. And it’s up to you to use them or not. You may be able to teach your cat how to use toys and not spoil your furniture. Or maybe you decide to play it safe and not put furniture and yourself at risk. Share in the comments what you think about this and what you would prefer. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you on the pages of our blog!

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