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What To Do if My Cat Bites Me?

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why is my cat biting me

We are used to the fact that cats are cute and fluffy creatures. But don’t forget that they are skillful predators who can arm with sharp teeth and claws at any moment.

Some people wonder how such a cute kitten can bite. Adult cats and kittens have very thin and sharp teeth (thinner than a dog, for example). If we’re to believe the owners’ experience – cat bites are much more painful than dogs. Besides, people may get infected more often from cat bites. A cat can bite you gently, aggressively during a game, or when it is hunting for your feet. There are many reasons for this and we will answer the main question of new cat’s owners “why does my cat bite me?”

Why Do Cats Bite?

We take the teeth, fangs, and claws of fluffy hunters as a threat and a sign of hostility. But as the behaviorists claim, cat bites it’s like a kind of communication. Thus, kittens and adults are trying to tell us something. The purpose of the message can be different, for example, “This is fun! I like playing with you so much” or vice versa it can indicate that the cat has a painful syndrome and thus trying to protect itself from touching.

Let’s look at a few main reasons for cat biting.

Cat Love Bites

 why do cats give love bites

Maybe you didn’t know, but the representatives of “family Felidae” show their love by biting. All wild cats (tigers, lions, cheetahs, panthers) use bites for courting and friendly conversation. If your kitten slightly bites your hand and then licks it in the same place, it is a sign of true love. Such bites are not painful, it’s the same as kissing for them.

Cat Play Biting

why do cat bite you

We don’t notice a kitten biting when its teeth aren’t so sharp. So it’s easy to use brushes to play with your pet. It looks very cute and funny as long as you start to notice that the kitten bites have become more serious and stiff. The process of such a game brings you more pain than pleasure. It makes sense that you start to avoid this kind of reciprocity and scold your kitten for its toughness. But you forget that you taught the cat that your hands are a credible alternative to rubber chew toys that it can bite with the same intensity.

Cats indeed get used to the fact that there is no difference between live flesh and toys. They don’t understand that you’re in pain.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked?

It also happens when you just do your housework, go from room to room, and make a fuss. At one point your cat decides to attack your legs sharply around a corner and even you may get scared. After that, the cat usually continues to bite and hug your legs while walking.

The reason for this behavior can be common boredom. Imagine, if you were a cat that sits all day in the walls of a closed apartment. You know every nook, chewed all the vases and played with the shoelaces on the sneaker. And this scenario is repeating day after day. The cat tries to diversify its leisure time, and your feet are the best option. What is there to think about? A human is a target that moves – so, it’s time to hunt.

Why Do Cats Bite Their Owners for No Reason?

 cat biting hand

Many owners complain that their cats bite them even when they try to squeeze and pet them. And it would seem why is the cat biting my hands? I love/miss it so much, I want to pet and scratch its tummy.

It’s hard to believe, but cats can get tired of your caresses. If you notice that the cat’s tail starts to move nervously from side to side, it means you’d better leave it alone. It’s just not in the mood. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to understand cats’ emotions and they also have their character and quirks.

Why My Cat Suddenly Starts Biting Me

Cats can bite when the owner tries to touch a certain place on the body. This may indicate that the pet is in some kind of pain. Accordingly, you can understand its sudden bursts of anger. It means that your cat tries to protect itself and signals that it is not okay now.

Another reason is the vulnerable points on the cat’s body, especially the stomach and tail. Probably, you may have noticed more than once how cats react when you are trying to touch these places. The cat may hit with its paw or bite you. This instinct of self-preservation is laid by nature.

How To Stop a Cat From Biting

cat bites me

Now we will look at the methods you can use to discourage you from cat biting.

1. If we are talking about sudden aggression or a cat bites you when you try to touch its stomach or tail then there are two ways to do this if a cat bites you:

a) The cause of pain and protective reaction may be an infection or other health problems of your pet and it’s best to show your cat to the veterinarian.

b) Just avoid the stomach and tail. You can pet other parts of the cat’s body that are not so vulnerable. As a result, everyone will be happy.

2. If the cat is attacking your legs, you need to spend more time together and play. You’d better buy different toys or to do it yourself. Then your cat will be busy and it will be able to direct its activity on the right track.

If your cat is used to playing with your hands as an object, you should wean him off that behavior gradually. Every time your cat bites you, just say loudly “No! You can’t do this”. Wait until the cat looks into your eyes and don’t look away. You don’t need to shout and let alone beat an animal. After it stops biting your hand, you need to go to another room. This way you show that you don’t want to play with him in such a way.

Also, a water sprayer or various knick-knacks that make sharp and unpleasant sounds a good method to fight cat bites. They will scare away the fluffy hunter and a cat will realize with time that it hasn’t to bite the hand that feeds it.

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