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What Does Your Cat’s Sleep Position Can Tell You?

Jul.25.2020 230
sleeping kitten

It is very interesting to watch human gestures, facial expressions, and those who sleep. But our cats are real professionals! They can sleep anywhere and, most importantly – whatever! All this can tell us about the nature or condition of the person at the moment. The same we can say about our cats.

Cats are incredibly sensitive animals. It’s already been proven that they can predict the weather and treat sore spots. The cat’s posture, the sign language are very diverse and sleep position will tell you what your cat needs.

We’ve put together some of the most popular ones for you.

Tiny Ball

cat sleeping

Also, we can name it “Please don’t play with my paws while I’m sleeping”. This is how tigers, lynxes, wolves, and other predators sleep. This posture keeps warm and protects the organs from other predators. If your cat sleeps in this position, it may be cold.

Cat in a Box

I don’t think it can be explained, but our pets are incredibly fond of boxes of all sizes. But when you watch it, it’s not a very good sign. If your cat always chooses boxes and crates for sleeping then it is trying to protect or hide oneself. And it could indicate that someone had previously hurt her or him.

Paws Up

cats' sleeping pose

Actually, the stomach is the most vulnerable place, and if a cat sleeps like that, it means it’s relaxed and totally trusting you.

Standby and Power-Saving Mode

It looks like this: the cat sits with his eyes closed and his legs underneath him. This posture suggests that the cat’s taking a nap, but he’s ready to do something different and more active any second, be sure.

The Cat Sleeps on Its Side

sleeping cat

If a cat sleeps on its side, it sleeps very tightly and dreams. This is the longest and strongest sleep phase that can last for hours.

We talked about the most basic things, but that’s not all. Cats can sleep absolutely everywhere!

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