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At What Age Do Kittens Open Their Eyes and How Can You Help Them

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When kittens open eyes? This question worries many owners when their cat gives birth to kittens. Of course, new members of your family will not always be helpless and will soon be able to play with you and explore a new world. However, the exact timing and signs of development of kittens need to be known in order to avoid possible deviations in their health.

When Do Kittens Start to See?

Kittens develop quickly. Usually, kitten eye-opening is on the 5-10th day. Although this can happen in the third week of life. It depends on many reasons, for example, the breed. In short-haired breeds, this can occur on 2-10 days, and in long-haired breeds on 5-19 days.

How Long Before Kittens Open Their Eyes?

When Do Kittens Start to See?

When a kitten has closed eyes and a closed ear canal, it is important to take good care of it. They need to be protected from dirt, debris and pathogens that can damage the development and cause health problems. Photoreceptors can be damaged by bright lights. In no case, do anything to open the kitten’s eyes ahead of schedule, as this can permanently damage its sight and hearing. During the kitten eyes opening process, it has a good sense of taste, touch, and smell. They use their whiskers to navigate the world, and their instinct for food makes them look for their mother’s nipples. A mother-cat’s smell and touch help the kitten establish a strong bond with her offspring. Have you ever wondered why cats knead? It is an instinct that helps kittens get milk from their mother when they are breastfeeding. For some reason, cats can carry this situation into adulthood and may knead someone they think is a mother figure.

How Do Blind Kittens Communicate?

The newborn kitten has two senses – touch and smell. If the kitten is not separated from the mother, then the feeding process will depend on her. However, sometimes you have to replace mother-cat as a guide to this new world, looking after and feed the kitten. The most important thing is to make sure everything you do has a clear sound, so that the blind kitten can navigate by sound and smell.

Are Kittens Eyes Opening Wide after 2 Weeks?

Kittens Eyes Opening

When kittens first open their eyes and their ear canals start making sounds, they still try to develop this new sense. They have very poor eyesight and hearing and would still be damaged by bright lights and loud sounds. It would take the kittens several weeks to wide open their eyes. For this reason, after weaning, kittens are usually not taken away from their mothers until they are about six weeks old. So, when you Google “age of kittens open eyes”, you may see 6 weeks as an answer.

What You Should Pay Attention To?

Sometimes it happens that not all kittens open their eyes at the same time, and people start to Google “problems with newborn kittens eyes open”. Most likely, this indicates some kind of problem. The kitten’s eyes form a rough shell and the usual reason for inability to open them is an infection. If your kitten has scabs in its eyes, they need to be treated by a veterinarian. For home remedies, you can try rubbing its eyes.So at what age do kittens open their eyes? Nobody can give you an exact answer. However, the approximate interval is from 2 to 19 days. If this period is prolonged, then contact your veterinarian for help. They would examine the kitten and be able to determine the cause. We need to responsibly monitor this process. Otherwise, the kitten may remain blind. Take care of your kittens from the first days of life. They need our help, care, and love. Do you know at what age your kitten opened its eyes? Share in the comments!

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