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Why Cats Are Awesome?

Jan.05.2021 414
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Why cats are the best? It’s a strange question, isn’t it? It seems to be pretty clear what the reasons and criteria for cats are cool. These cute, fluffy, purring, and independent animals delighted mankind and continue to do so to this day.

But still, there are people who can’t understand such rabid popularity of these tailed lumps of fur. Therefore, we decided to create a list titled “Why cats are great?” where all the arguments and facts that cats are awesome will be spelled out. And if you still doubt whether you should buy (or take from the shelter) a cat, after these facts you won’t have a single doubt. Well, let’s go!

Why Cats Are the Best?

why cats are awesome

You Want To Pet Them

You must admit that this is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see an adult cat or a kitten. You have an irresistible desire to call him to you and just pet him!

It’s inexplicable, but it’s a fact. Is it feline magnetism or just a desire to satisfy a tactile need? And you are always offended when the cat refuses to come up and ignore your call.

They Are Always Interesting To Watch!

This is the most accurate answer to the question “why cats are amazing?” Absolutely everything cat’s manifestations, their activity or even their carefree sleep is a lovely sight. It’s something out of “you can look at three things forever: fire, water, and a cat”.

How funny they play with toys or with their own tail; how deftly they jump from the nightstand to the closet; or how funny they sneeze when they smell something unusual. There are many comparisons, and all these feline adventures always bring an involuntary smile and a desire to cuddle his fluffy fidget. Just think about how many different and funny videos you can find on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Cats are always on trend!

All Cats Are (Almost) Independent Creatures

cats are awesome

Everyone has heard about feline willfulness and selfishness. Some people think it is a negative trait of their nature, but most people appreciate cats for the fact that they can show people their true character.

But then again, there are some very affectionate breeds of cats that miss their owners very much.

Cats Are the Most Real and Natural Antidepressants With No Side Effects

It really is! Here they are like little children who always run to meet you tired from work and are ready to share their warmth and tenderness.

Even the most tired and angry person will melt at the end of a hard day with an affectionate “purr-purr”. This ball of happiness will always cheer you up.

Cats Are Universal Animals

They can get in anywhere. Some people call them “liquid” for their ability to fit into any container and get through any obstacle.

They always land on their feet under any circumstances!

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