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Cats and Cucumbers: Why Are They Scared and Should You Test It on Your Cat

May.19.2021 353
cat is getting scared by cucumber

On the Internet, you can find many funny videos about our beloved cats. However, have you ever wondered why cats show such strange reactions to certain objects or human actions? Recently, we often began to see videos where the cat is getting scared by cucumber. Isn’t it strange? After all, this is just a vegetable that lies and cannot do any harm. Even in the famous animated series Tom and Jerry, this topic was raised. Google the Cats vs. Cucumbers episode. Let’s see why do they cause such horror in our pets? And are all cats really afraid of them? Enjoy reading!

Are Cats Really Scared of Cucumbers?

After analyzing dozens of videos, of which there are so many on the Internet, we concluded that cats are really afraid of cucumbers. However, under certain circumstances. Their reaction is quite expected when cucumbers suddenly appear in front of them. You don’t store food on the floor, do you? One of the renowned animal behavior researchers, Jill Goldman, calls this the “start reflex.” Therefore, the cat is jumping from the cucumber and trying to move away to a safe distance to assess the dangerous situation. Besides, did you pay attention to where the authors of those videos put the cucumbers? This usually happens at the behest of food or resting places. Your cat considers such places to be the safest for it. Therefore, it is alarmed by an unexpectedly appeared object. We will also look at other reasons later. By the way, some owners give cucumbers to their pets and they like it.

Cats and Cucumbers: Why Are They Scared?

cucumber is next to a cat

What dangerous associations might you have with a cucumber? To be honest, nothing comes to mind. Unless eating an unwashed cucumber causes concern but clearly not fear. So maybe cats see in a cucumber, something that we just can’t understand. Why do cats freak out when they see a cucumber? Let’s figure it out.

Your Cat Confused a Cucumber with a Snake

Hmm, indeed, the shape and color of the cucumber can lead to such conclusions. Would you be afraid of a snake? Probably yes. So your cat may be afraid of snakes too. Wait a minute though. This theory is rather ambiguous. Some experts argue that snakes are predators and, by the way, cats can be included in their diet. Therefore, the cat senses danger and leaves. However, other experts insist that the association with a snake cannot scare the pet in any way, but, on the contrary, interest it. The snakes glide, wriggle and make sudden movements. In other words, they do everything that playful cats love so much. Therefore, cats have hunter instincts. And your pet may enjoy hunting for it. Don’t believe us? Google and you will find hundreds of memes where a cat plays with a snake and even carries it in the teeth to give it to the owner. It means that the reason cats afraid of cucumbers is unexpected appearance.

Is Unexpectedness a Real Reason for a Cucumber Fair?

When your cat focuses on one activity, such as sleeping or eating, the last thing it expects is someone sneaking up on it. If you observe your pet, you will notice that even when it is busy with something it always listens to the environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cat is frightened, because, with all caution, the cat did not notice how someone crept up to it. So, what is the deal with cats and cucumbers? Obviously, the element of surprise is the reason for the dislike.

Are Cats Scared of Pickles?

We have already figured out what happens when a cucumber is next to a cat. What about pickles? And what is the difference between them? Cucumbers are fresh and green, while pickles are food, after a natural fermentation process or the use of a vinegar pickle. So, why are cats scared of pickles? The same story as with cucumbers. It does not matter what you will put. However, if it was unexpected, then the cat may be scared.

We hope that you will not conduct experiments and check whether your cat is scared or not. It could all end badly. A frightened cat can injure itself and break anything in the room. In addition, it may develop psychological problems. and if you scare the cat often, it may feel constant anxiety. Have you seen the video Cats vs. Cucumbers? Share your opinion on this topic in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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