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Why Do Cats Try to Bury Their Food: Find Out the Reasons and Ways to Stop It

Jul.14.2021 119
cat trying to bury food

Our pets never cease to amaze us every day. The reason for the behavior of cats is not always easy to understand, but it is possible. And today we would like to discuss an interesting topic with you. Is your cat trying to bury food? Think about what this might mean, read our article and at the end, we will discuss whether you guessed it or not. By the way, the cat may not only bury but also scratch the floor near the bowl of food. The manifestation is different, but the reasons are the same. Let’s start!

Why Do Cats Try to Bury Their Food or Scratch the Floor near a Bowl?

cat scratches the floor after eating

Stocks for Later

This behavior is driven by the desire to save supplies for the future. It is an innate instinct to provide oneself with food if the next hot is unsuccessful. This can be observed if you took a cat from the street. Sometimes the owners think that this is due to greed, but this is not at all the case. It is quite difficult to fight with such an instinct, so one of the few oddities with which you have to come to terms.

Fighting Bad Smell

Is the cat digging around the food bowl? A bad smell can be a reason. Cats are tidy and love cleanliness. They are unlikely to eat food that does not suit their taste. Therefore, if your pet sniffed the bowl and began to bury it, then most likely the food is of poor quality or has deteriorated. However, do not rush to throw food away. Some cats love only fresh food, and the one that has been in the bowl for more than two hours will no longer be eaten. Therefore, you will simply need to pour food into the toe more often.


If you have more than one pet, but several, then you yourself guessed the reason, right? The instinct of competition awakens in the animal, and your cat buries food so that others do not encroach on it. If you live in a private house and your cat often walks, then you may have put a bowl of food outside. It can also cause this behavior. After all, the pet cherishes that others nearby are wondrous and thus protects its own.


Like many people, cats are highly stressed by external factors such as changing stops. When an animal is anxious, its appetite decreases and its well-being worsens. In this case, the cat may try to save food for the time when it gets better and there is a desire to eat.

Wrong bowl

If the cat scratches the floor after eating or buries it, this is due to an inconvenient or incorrect position of the bowl. In this case, the cat indicates to the owner that it does not suit it. For example, your pet may not like the smell in the eating area. Try moving the plate the cat is eating from. Perhaps after the first or second permutation, it will stop burying food. Sometimes cats take food from the bowl and start eating it off the floor. Therefore, it is important to choose a convenient bowl. It is necessary to choose a cup that is not very deep according to the size of the animal.

Cat Is Covering Food: How to Stop It?

cat buries food

This can be explained by both innate instincts and acquired habits. Let’s take a look at the main reasons from this long list.

Try these simple rules:

  • If your cat has eaten, prevent scratching the bowl by collecting it. And if it was wet food, then wash it immediately to avoid an unpleasant smell.
  • The pet should always be able to drink fresh water after meals to maintain a water balance.
  • Don’t leave food in the bowl if your cat hasn’t finished eating it. Try to add a serving at a time.

In any case, please, do not punish your cat for scratching the floor or burying food. Some owners think this might fix the problem. However, this will only cause more problems with the pet’s behavior. Plus, when you punish your cat it can ruin your trusting relationship. Have you encountered a similar problem? If so, tell us if you managed to wean your pet and how. We are waiting for you in the comments for the discussion. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon!

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