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Why Cat’s Eyes Are Shining in the Dark

Jul.21.2020 244
why cats' eyes glow

We all know that the cat’s eyes glow in the dark with a yellow, green, or red light. This specifically adds some mystery to cats although their behavior and habits are themselves secrecy.

Cats were considered mystic creatures and servants of Satan because of their glom eyes during the Middle Ages. We often can find the black cat as a symbol of Halloween. Such an attitude caused multiple persecutions and banishment of the loved ones’ whisker pets.

But What Is the Actual Reason for This Shining?

The reason lies in the anatomy of a cat. Cat’s vision is adapted for sensitivity to movement or contrast under low light conditions, which is further enhanced by the presence of a reflective layer tapetum that glows in the dark.

There’s nothing mysterious about a cat’s eyes but still, they could look very straining or even scary. Tapetum layer placed on the inner side of the eyeball of a cat. This layer reflects the incoming light particles – photons and sends them back to the retina.

This feature gives the cat the opportunity to see in the dark or by the simple words – a night vision. Such a strong and sharp sense of vision is dictated by the cat’s nature – felines hunt in the nighttime. Cats stalk birds and rodents in the nighttime so their specific vision helps them gather food.

Tapetum doesn’t work as a lighter – it only reflects the incoming light particles so if a cat will be in a totally dark room his eyes will not shine. Numerous living creatures have a tapetum layer which allows them to pray and live in the dark surrounding. Horses, felines, rabbits, spiders, deer, dogs, and even fish have a tapetum layer in their eyeballs.

Cat’s eyes shining isn’t a phenom but this animal looks the most stunning with its eyes shining compared to dogs or a deer.

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