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My Cat Is Intentionally Knocking Things Over: What Are the Reasons and What Can I Doo

May.28.2021 113
why do cats knock things over

Our pets are sometimes unpredictable and even annoying us. Why is it so? When the cat drops a pen, it may seem funny, and if this is your favorite cup, will you laugh? Of course, we are confident that you will not apply aggression to your pet, however, it will not receive yummy for it. Today we want to open the veil of mystery and answer: Why do cats like to knock things down and how to stop cats from knocking things over? Enjoy reading!

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

stop cats from knocking things over

What seems strange for us, for our pet, is a quite natural behavior. However, if you do not want to put up with it, you will have to make efforts to wean your cat from what you do not approve of. But it will not work if you do not understand the motives of behavior.

New territory for a Cat

Smells have crucial importance in cat life. That is why the pet is not always loved to move to a new place. There it behaves concerned and tries to spread its smell. The cat touches interesting things and objects rub on them with a barrel. It simultaneously solves two important tasks: gets tactile sensations, and puts out smelting tags, fixing the right of ownership. And if something falls during this process, then you will have to raise.

Hunting Instinct

Why do cats push stuff off tables? This is a hunting instinct. If you remember, in ancient times, cats were real hunters. And in our time, many pets like hunting rodents. Yes, your cat hunts on your desk. This practices its skills. If you used to think that cats only hunt on moving objects, then it is not.

Need Attention

If you are often not at home or you simply do not pay attention to your pet, of course, it will not like it. Therefore, the cat is intentionally knocking things over.

Just Bored

If your cat was lying and resting and then suddenly startled and became interested in some object, you will not have time to blink an eye, and the cat will already be playing with this thing. And if it’s a fragile vase or your book, it doesn’t matter at all. It’s just that your pet got bored and decided to entertain itself.

It Is Fun

Cats are curious creatures. They like to explore new subjects. Therefore, throwing things off the table can please them and satisfy their curiosity.

How to Keep Cats from Knocking Things Over?

why do cats push stuff off tables

Stopping this behavior is quite simple but you will need to change your pet’s habitat a little. Cats love heights and tend to drop something from there. For example, climbing onto your desk or bookcase. Cat behavior experts have repeatedly advised creating a play area where your pet can play and relax at altitude. Also, play with it regularly. After all, a tired cat will have no energy left for stupidity. You will also have to change your behavior. Do not leave precious, fragile items where your cat can easily reach them. If it starts throwing off water glasses, temporarily use plastic or metal utensils until the cat turns his attention to other games. If the reason for this behavior is precisely to attract your attention. You don’t have to run right away and clean up the mess. This will help your cat understand that it won’t get your attention.

Is the cat knocking things off the table? If you don’t like it, it is up to you to change it. What about your cat? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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