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Why Do Cats Leave Home?

Jul.23.2020 227
cats go away from home

Sometimes cats leave home leaving the owners guessing what can nudge the homegrown and loved pet to leave. In the situation when your pet leaves home you need to find what could have forced your pet to leave.

Cat’s mind works in simple ways and cats follow their primal instincts as the other animals do. There’s a certain reason if your cat leaves home and disappears.

The first one and the most common reason lies in the value of your cat. Some cat breeds are very expensive and if the price for your pet equals your paycheck there’s a big chance that your pet could be stolen.

The second reason depends on your neighborhood. Your cat may face a bunch of hooligans or a pack of stray dogs that can harm your whisker pet. The chances for such trouble are low because even a homegrown cat has developed reflexes and can easily run away from such danger.

Your pet could leave your home if he will find it dangerous and wrong for his offspring. Pregnant cats often leave the house to find some dark, gloomy, and quiet place such as a cellar, garage, or a barn if you’re living in a country to give birth. The cat will bring her offspring to your home after giving birth.

Cats are homebodies and if you have moved to another place with your pet there’s no guarantee that he will love the new place. A new home is totally foreign in every way. Scents, layout, temperature, drafts, and foreign noises can stress your cat very hard. You should pay attention to your pet and spend more time than usual with him to avoid an escape.

Jealousy and resentment can alienate your pet. A child, partner, friends can refocus your attention. Cat can easily leave his master if he will feel forgotten or rejected.

Also, cats can be driven by the most primal and strong instincts. Cats intensively look for a partner during the springtime and they could be missed for a few days or even for a week.

Overall, these are the most common reasons why your cat may want to leave a house or get lost. You can prevent most of them by paying attention to your cat’s behavior to predict the next step of your beloved pet.

Cats are considered egoistic and spontaneous creatures but most of their actions are dictated by their feelings about their masters – humans.

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