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Why Do Cats Need Personal Space?

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We feel more comfortable when we have an opportunity to choose how close we should stand to other people. It is much more pleasant to ride a half-empty bus and to use the elevator alone. The need to be too close to other people can cause discomfort and for some people – even stress. You are wrong if you think cats do not care about their privacy as much as humans do. And when your cat climbs on you every night or sits near you every evening, it still wants to be able to choose time to interact with others. Sometimes they even can leave home for their reason. Being able to choose is often the only thing that distinguishes a happy, calm cat from a cat that has behavioral problems.

Introducing a New Cat Into the House

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People often make a mistake when they bring a new cat into the house and leave it alone with the old cat hoping that the cats can find out their relationship by themselves. Although cats are social animals and can get many positive emotions from having a friend, they need an opportunity to study the new situation and to get close to other animals at a pace that is comfortable for them. Cats are territorial animals and the sudden addition of a new pet to their area is often stressful. Cats are concerned about the potential threat of attack, their physical safety, and the availability to get resources.

Let the cats choose their own pace of approach. Make sure they always have an opportunity to retreat to their safe areas and to keep their privacy safe. This will greatly increase their chances of getting a strong friendship between your pets.

The Cat’s Social Interaction With Humans

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When we forcibly take the cat out of its area and give it to a stranger, we place the animal in a very dangerous situation. Someone whose smell cat doesn’t know holds it; it has no time to determine if the stranger is safe for it or not. When this social interaction is forced, it increases the cat’s responsiveness, which can lead to severe aggression. There is a probability that the cat won’t communicate with people the next time somebody comes.

Give your cat a choice whether or not it wants to interact with other people. Don’t pay attention to the fact your cat doesn’t want to enter the room. It will become much braver and this will be the first step in its introduction to new people when your cat feels it controls its personal space.

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