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What Does It Mean When a Cat Paws at You: Attention, Pain, or Other Meanings

Jan.03.2022 36
cat reaches out with paw

Why do cats reach paws out? Your cat can reach you for many reasons. As you can imagine, the most obvious reason is to try to get your attention. It is probably the sweetest way they can do it. However, it can also mean other things that have nothing to do with you. So we prepared for you a list of the reasons cats reach a paw out!

What Does It Mean When a Cat Paws at You?

cat touches me with paw

When the cat reaches out with a paw, check for cuts or tears. Also, check to see if the pads are worn too low and if anything is stuck in the claws. If you see blood spots anywhere, try checking your cat for tendon strains or muscle tears. A cat’s tendon can be a very sensitive part of its anatomy. It is responsible for keeping the paws in place. In fact, even if your cat had a claw, you still need to worry. What about other theories?


It is not uncommon for a cat to accidentally stretch its paws towards you while stretching. This is an accident and does not necessarily mean that they need your attention. You can usually tell if your cat is stretching or not by its attention. So if they are drowsy, awake, or focused elsewhere, they may simply stretch out. Stretching is very relaxing for pets, so they do it often. Don’t be surprised if your pet feels like it is stretching every time it is comfortable.

Some Kind of Game

The cat reaches out with a paw to touch me, is it a game? Indeed, your pet may try to play with you directly, instead of asking for certain toys. Of course, you should never play with your cat with your hands because it can teach your cat to bite. If the pet starts hitting you, it is best to leave for a few minutes to make it clear that this is unacceptable behavior. You can return in a few minutes, and when the cat has calmed down, give you a toy to play with and draw the cat’s attention to.

Cat’s Scent on Me

Cats have small scent glands on the pads of their feet that help them to leave odors when they grab things. They can touch you with their paws to “mark” you. This usually does not mean that the cat is asking you or something like that. Pets can tell which cat is next to another cat by their scent. So my cat puts its paw on me means that I am in its family.


cat keeps pawing me

Why do cats reach out with their paw? Stretched legs usually indicate that the cat is relaxed. However, this could also be a sign of a problem. Cats hide their illnesses very well, so you usually would not notice any signs that they are not feeling well. Certain conditions can cause limb soreness and lameness, and your cat may try to remedy these problems by stretching out its legs. Feline calicivirus is an example because it can cause lameness in kittens. This disease requires the attention of a veterinarian, so a veterinarian must be called.


Many cats would try to get your attention by extending their paws towards you. However, your cat may try to get it in a variety of ways, and for different reasons. Maybe they need more food, or they want you to play. In any case, once you start paying attention to your cats, they can give you an idea of ​​what they want. It is recommended that your cat only pay attention to you when it gently extends its paws towards you without hurting you. If you hold out your hand a little hard, it is better to ignore the cat and only pay attention to the tender paws. If the cat hurts you, step back from the stage. Over time, the cat would realize that this is unacceptable behavior.


cat keeps pawing me, does it mean affection? Sometimes cats don’t necessarily want to be petted. Instead, they can touch their paws to show their love. Cats are very intelligent creatures, so they would definitely find that we pet them because we love them. If you frequently pet your cats after they pet you, but they don’t seem to be interested in your attention, that might be their goal. Scientists have not yet studied this phenomenon, but many cat owners insist that this is what their cat is doing. This is one of the rarer causes, although it seems to be more common in some cats. If your cat seems to like to pet her, she may do it often.


Cats usually stretch their paws before kneading. Kneading is the behavior of some kittens. The kitten would knead the mother’s belly to help express milk. It’s instinctive. Sometimes this behavior continues into adulthood, and cats would crumple when they are happy and content, as when they are drinking milk. But, some pets are only partially kneaded. Instead, they can only stretch their paws – never really wrinkle them. In other cases, this may be the first step towards complete kneading. In any case, this is a sign of satisfaction.


Perhaps, my cat touches me with a paw due to mimicry. This is similar to the above reason, but there is no emotion behind it. A pet can imitate many of the things we do. For example, some cats try to drink water from a cup. When we sneeze, other people meow. But some cats mimic more than others. Your pet may be petting you with its paws because you do it with all the other animals in the house. They may not do this for any reason, but simply because they want to try.

Again, this is one of the rare reasons. And this has not actually been scientifically proven.

Perhaps you know some other theories that have not been confirmed, but there are already discussions about them? If so, be sure to share it in the comments. We hope we were able to help you understand the behavior of your furry pet and that it helped forge a closer bond between you. Take care of yourself and your pets, and don’t forget to check updates on our blog!

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