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What Does It Mean When a Cat Rolls on Its Back: 7 Common Explanations

Jan.05.2022 37
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We have already discussed with our readers many times the behavior of cats and their meaning. Of course, no one can guarantee that these assumptions are 100% correct, but long-term observations should be taken into account. Why do cats roll on the back? This question has also bothered you at least a couple of times, hasn’t it? So we decided to figure out the true reasons so that it would be easier for you to understand your pet!

What Does It Mean When a Cat Rolls on Its Back?

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The reasons and meanings are closely related. In other words, it’s even the same thing. For example, your cat wants attention – that’s the reason, and therefore the cat keeps rolling around, then the meaning would be “pay attention to me”. Now let’s look at it in more detail.

I Need Your Attention

Think about the time, place, and circumstances under which the cat is rolling on its back. For example, if your pet rolls over every morning and stands in front of you when you are ready for the day, this indicates that it needs some attention. Then the best solution would be to spend some time with your pet – play a game or pet it. It may also help create a positive habit and your pet would start asking for attention only in this way. That is, you will immediately understand what your cat wants from you.

I Am Comfortable and Safe

Is a cat rolling over to show its comfort? It is quite possible. In fact, cats roll over in their most relaxed state and expose their vulnerable sides to you. It is a signal of trust and a sense of security. However, you should not immediately pet the cat, otherwise, it may frighten it out of surprise. For example, unlike cats, dogs roll over to show obedience. When the cat rolls on the back, meaning is not always about attention. it is usually more to get people’s attention. Never assume that your pet will ask you to rub its belly. Otherwise, your hand may be caught in your paws or even teeth.

I Mark the Territory

Why do cats roll? Rolling on the ground can spread the smell of cats. Since pets mostly communicate over the smell of someone or something, they use the scent glands on their cheeks, paws, and sides to give off personal smells. This behavior can be observed in domestic and large cats. When your cat rubs its head and cheeks on the floor, it can leave traces of scent on the house and your feet. This informs the other cats that they were there, took their place, and designated you. Marking is used as a deterrent to any potential enemy or competitor. Many cats have an instinctive desire to mark their territory by rubbing.

I Want a Date

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If you’ve ever given catnip to your cat, you may have noticed this behavior and Google: “my cat rolls on her back: meaning”. Catnip herb usually causes a strong reaction in cats. Its active compound nepetalactone is a strong odor that can stimulate the libido of cats. You may also notice that many cats roll and rub things after estrus or mating. This is likely due to hormones and ovulation. Any insane action could also mean that your cat is trying to remove the male cat scent before moving on to another.

I Need to Scratch Myself

The reasons why cats are rolling on their backs can be different. Have you ever had a hand or leg itch for no apparent reason? This happens with cats. Usually, this is not typical for them, but it is possible. The cat cannot scratch its back or behind the ear with its paw, so it uses other methods. Also, such a desire can be associated with parasites, such as fleas. But regarding the latter, we think that you would quickly find the problem, as there would be many more signs. Remember that even domestic cats can have them, so do not forget about timely prevention. Please note that if you do not react to the appearance of parasites, and your cat continues to itch, then it may have problems, at least with the skin. It also may become restless and even aggressive.

Stretch Its Muscles

Is a cat rolling on the floor a physical activity? Sometimes, cats need to stretch their muscles from time to time. They stretch them in a variety of ways. This behavior is most common when the pet first wakes up from sleep. You may have seen your cat wake up from a nap, roll over and roll over, stretching its back, legs, and neck. If you think your cat is only stretching the muscles while lying on its back, it is best to let it do it. If you try to touch it while a cat rolling around it can get angry, so be careful. Better to wait for your cat to stop stretching and then pet it.

Others Reasons

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So why do cats roll around on their back? There may be other reasons why your cat is doing this. Because cats have a higher body temperature, they can sunbathe or sleep by the heater. Therefore, pets can easily get overwhelmed by this feeling and need to calm down. This may include drinking plenty of fresh water, rubbing on a cool floor, and having a rest in a cool place. Your pet can protect its digestive system by wallowing in the mud, coating bacteria on its fur, and licking. Whatever your cat is doing, there may be a good reason for it. Cat body language can be different – rolling over, reaching paws on you, etc., but if you are more attentive to your pet, it would be easy to understand these signs. Your pet will not ask you for something that you cannot fulfill, these are simple desires, and which you usually need – attention, food, water, etc. However, the difference is that even small children can ask in words or satisfy their needs on their own, but the cat is not. When you become the owner of a pet, you have not only a friend but also responsibility for its life. So let’s be attentive to our lesser friends and provide them with a long and happy life with us!

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