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Why Do Cats Sleep on Humans?

Jul.22.2020 241
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Cats are very famous for their ability to sleep in the most unexpected positions and places. They can sleep everywhere: on the warm floor near the heating system in winter or in front of the fridge in summer. But there’s one uncertainty – why do cats go to sleep on humans?

It cannot be said that humans are more comfortable than a chair or a cozy carpet but something still forces our favorite pets to sleep on us.

Let’s go through the most common reasons why our cats do that and maybe you will find out why your favorite pet is turning out to be on you when you wake.

  • Your cat may want to get warm on you during the wintertime. Our bodies may have the perfect temperature for a cat to get warm but not to overheat.
  • Cats may want attention. Although cats are commonly considered independent and solitary creatures they could crave attention very much. Your whisker pet may want to be petted if he lies on your chest in the evening regularly.
  • Cats are looking for comfort while being stressed so your pet needs to feel the beat of your heart and your warmth if he was scared or stressed by something.
  • Your cat may be jealous if he’s constantly taking the place of your body. Your pet may be jealous of your family members or your partner and by this move, he’s basically claiming you as his property.
  • Your whisker pet may want to protect you from something if he has a strong and brave character. Your legs, head, arms, and chest will attract your pet the most.
  • Close contact with your pet may take the negative energy off you. It is known that even short contact with your pet can significantly improve your mental condition and relieve stress.
  • Maybe it’s just a habit. Your cat may want to sleep beside you or on your chest if you had let him sleep with you when he was a kitten. As well known, habits from childhood are the most sustained.
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